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    New York Auto Show: Volkswagen unveils the Touareg 2

    click above image for 30 images of the 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 var digg_url = ''; Sequels have been all the rage in Hollywood, so why not in the auto industry, as well? Feast your eyes on the 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2: ...

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    VW Microbus record player

    If you own a classic VeeDub, chances are you might have some old vinyl LPs lying around as well. Classic tunes just seem to sound better with a little scratch and pop. Without going the full DJ route with mixers and turntables taking up half your room, playing them can be a hassle... until now. ...

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    Report: Volkswagen Scirocco green-lighted

    After a seemingly interminable number of artist renderings and computer-generated 'spyshots' (including the shot seen above), AutoWeek says that Volkswagen has given the neo-Scirocco the go-ahead.According to the magazine's sources, buyers can expect the coupe to command $28,000 in base spec ...

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    Rabbit, Run: It keeps going... and going...

    Given Volkswagen's recent announcement that it is pulling a Rabbit out of a hat Golf, and that Easter has just fallen off the calendar, we thought we'd remind readers that they can still purchase something very close to VeeDub's original bad bunny. That is, provided you call South Africa ...


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