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ve commodore

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    Report: Holden looted by plant workers, $2.5M in parts stolen

    Though it may sound more like a Johnny Cash song, new reports say employees at General Motors' Holden plant in Elizabeth, Australia, have been stealing auto parts. Lots of 'em. Police have been investigating the crime spree since January and say engines and transmissions worth more than $2.5 ...

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    Pontiac G8 resurfaces in Australia as a pair of special-edition Holdens

    Holden VE Commodore SS V-Series Special Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Holden giveth, and Holden taketh away. While we're still mourning the departure of the Pontiac G8 here in the U.S., the General's Australian subsidiary – whose Commodore gave birth to the G8 in ...

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    Sorry Holden: GM cancels VE Sportwagon for US market

    click above for more high-res images of the Holden VE SportwagonHolden wasn't sure if it was going to build a new VE Commodore Wagon when developing its new line of rear-wheel-drive Zeta-based sedans. Wagons are fleet darlings in Australia, and the new one from Holden was for some reason switched ...

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    The rocky road to the Holden VE Sportwagon

    You'd think after looking at it that the Holden VE Sportwagon was one of those no-brainer vehicles that was a production lock from the moment it was a twinkle in some designer's eye. According to GoAuto, that wasn't exactly the case. The outgoing VZ wagon was a fleet darling, beloved for its ...

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    Holden finally reveals VE Ute

    click above image to view high-res pics of the Holden VE Ute var digg_url = ''; Australians have been able to buy various versions of Holden's VE Commodore sedan since July 2006, but have been patiently waiting for a Ute version ...

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    Chevy El Camino could return for 2011

    var digg_url = ''; Mike Levine at is speculating that there's a good chance the El Camino name will be revived in the near future. The prospects just seem too good considering that Holden, GM's Australian division, ...

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    Pontiac G8 prototypes roll off the line in Oz

    Click image for 2 more photos of the ceremonyThe Pontiac G8 inched closer to American showrooms today as Holden held a ceremony to commemorate the production of the first engineering prototypes. Full production is scheduled to kick off at Holden Vehicle Operations' Elizabeth plant later this year ...

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    Holden's billion dollar VE Commodore no safer than previous model

    At the launch of the VE Commodore in July last year, Holden management were quick to point out that more than a billion Aussie dollars were sunk into developing GM's new global RWD architecture, and that thousands of miles of testing were conducted for the latest version of Australia's most popular ...

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    Holden VE Commodore wins Australian Wheels' COTY award

    UPDATE: Added mega-gallery of 131 high-res Holden Commodore images since we in the U.S. don't often get to gaze at these vehicles. click above image to view 131 high-res images of every kind of CommodoreFor those of you eagerly anticipating the U.S. arrival of Holden's rear-wheel drive Zeta ...

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    Holden recalls the new VE Commodore, WM Statesman and Caprice

    UPDATE 1 - According to the blog, this is actually the second recall for the new Holdens. The first dealt with a fuel hose issue on some V8-powered cars. New model launches have their ups and downs, and GM Holden is currently experiencing one of the "downs." A few months after the very ...

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    Jealous Again: Holden VE / WM exports begin

    The car above is a brand new 2007 Chevy Lumina SS, which is, in turn, a rebadged Holden VE Commodore SS. It's powered by a 6.0L LS2 V8 that dishes out 362 horsepower through the rear wheels. As you can see, it's left-hand-drive. It's ready to lay long, black strips of rubber on American ...

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    2006 Holden VE Commodore revealed in Australia

    Click image for a full hi-res gallery! See the Calais V in its own gallery here.With yesterday's launch of the all-new Holden Commodore, a series of dominos begins to fall that will ultimately shape GM's product roster for years to come. Holden has stated outright that the Commodore's platform has ...

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    Spy Shot: Holden VE Commodore

    What you're looking at is the next Holden VE Commodore, a car that entices those within and outside the borders of Australia in which it will be sold. Austalians will be getting both this hot performance version, likely to be powered by a 6.0L V8, as well as more pedestrian iterations. GM North ...


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