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    Report: GM to sell rebranded Peugeot vans in US?

    According to a report by France's La Tribune cited by Reuters, General Motors and Peugeot are discussing the possibility of selling PSA Peugeot-Citroën commercial vans in the US through The General's dealership network. While specific models and what brand they may sell under stateside are ...

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    Video: Translogic goes to Japan, checks out its modding culture

    Translogic goes to Japan! – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Our in-company pals at Translogic decided it was time to add a new stamp to their passports. They gathered up their video equipment and hopped on a plane. Destination: Japan! Bradley Hasemeyer and the Translogic team ...

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    Woodward 2009: The heavy haulers and shakers

    The trucks of Woodward - Click above for high-res image gallery
    With vast amounts of sheetmetal and a bed, trucks can be a lot easier to modify than cars. That holds true at the Woodward Dream Cruise, as mod masters jack up, lower and customize trucks of all shapes and sizes. Beyond the beefed up ...

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    Wanted: Lender for 1,000 GM vans

    Dave Capps is in the business of renting vans. In order for him to stay in that business, he needs to buy new vans – 1,000 of them, to be precise. And although he's been a GMAC customer for 20 years, remains in good standing, and gets much of his current inventory financing from GMAC, he ...

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    SEMA 2008: Ford Transit Connect H&R Concept gets a new pair of shoes

    Click above for high-res gallery of the H&R Ford Transit Connect Concept
    The only time you'd normally put a Ford Transit Connect van together with Piloti racing shoes is if the van in question were delivering them, or there were a 1-make van racing series... which sounds kind of cool now that ...

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    Paris Preview: Ford Fiesta Panel Van?

    Click above to enlarge
    The new Ford Fiesta isn't just good for going fast and looking good – apparently you can also make a panel van out of it. Details are scant before its supposed appearance at the Paris Motor Show, but this little guy is aimed at small businesses that might want ...

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    Nissan 360: the Elgrand

    Among the larger vehicles offered up at the Nissan 360 event that weren't the large commercial offerings from yesterday were the Japanese and "General Overseas Market" Elgrand Van and the Euro- and Japanese-market Qashqai.The Elgrand wasn't a bad piece of kit for a great big honking van. While ...

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    Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles goes Professional

    It's been a period of big changes for Fiat's commercial truck division recently. First the brand gained independent incorporation in the restructuring of the Fiat Group, and now the division is getting a new name and image. What was incorporated just a few months ago as Fiat Light Commercial ...

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    Van again: Ford announces 2008 E-Series

    click above image to vew high-res pics of the 2008 Ford E-Series van in various configurationsYou may have a grown up in a family that used a conversion van for daily transport like I did. If so, perhaps you share my strange appreciation for these haulers of human and commercial cargo. They rarely ...

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    Get outta Dodge: DAMD goes Loco(boy)

    Click to enlargeKnown best here for their bodykits that've aimed to turn a couple of Nissans into Aston Martins, DAMD is actually a prolific manufacturer of styling kits for just about every Japanese automaker. We have to say that their new accessory package for Honda's Vamos, Hobio and Acty vans ...


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