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vanishing point

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    Pennsylvania dealer loves Vanishing Point, creates Kowalski Edition Dodge Challenger

    As if you needed any reminder, in the 1971 film Vanishing Point, a character by the name of Kowalski is tasked with making it from Colorado to San Francisco in a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Kowalski bets a friend that he can make the run in just 15 hours, but – Spoiler Alert – he doesn't ...

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    Video: Pagani Zondas assemble in Italy for 6th annual "Vanishing Point" reunion

    6th Annual "Vanishing Point" gathering of Pagani Zondas – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    How much is too much? When it comes to Paganis, we doubt such a point exists – at least not in the company's limited production run so far – but in any event, we've yet to ...

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    VIDEO: Jay Leno promotes new show, damages 1970 Challenger

    Jay Leno and friend – Click above to after the jump
    Ha ha ha! Jay Leno likes cars and has a new show on NBC this fall, which, while not focused on cars, will have something to do with cars now and then. In fact, Jay went ahead and cut a trailer for his new show featuring somebody named ...

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    Rotten Tomatoes rates top 50 movie cars

    Click the image above for more classic movie car picsIt's no secret that we're passionate about cars, and we're pretty sure you feel the same way. We're also big fans of the silver screen, especially when a great car or truck is a big part of the plot. The movie mavens over at Rotten Tomatoes feel ...

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    Inside Line pits Challenger against Challenger in Vanishing Point-inspired road trip

    Click either image for exclusive pics of Inside Line's road tripSeems like you can't revive a modern day muscle car these days without having a classic movie tie-in. The Ford Mustang has got Steve McQueen's classic Bullitt, and the Dodge Challenger has got Vanishing Point. In fact, we've already ...

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    Vanishing Point Challenger replaced with... regular Challenger SRT8

    In case you missed our update on the original post: mere days after rolling out a neoclassic Challenger done up like the lead character in Vanishing Point, Erich Heuschele stuffed it into a tire wall at Road America. Hey, things happen. At least only his ego was bruised; the damaged car was driven ...

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    Vanishing Point Challenger meets tire wall at Road America

    Click above to see what the Vanishing Point Challenger looked like beforeThe Chrysler employees who entered the prototype Dodge Challenger in this year's One Lap of America may have taken the car's Vanishing Point theme a bit too seriously. Just like in the classic film, the stark white Challenger ...

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    Chrysler enters Vanishing Point Challenger in One Lap of America

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dodge "Vanishing Point" ChallengerIt's good to know that there are folks at Chrysler who are still having a good time despite the rubbish state of auto sales in the U.S. The best evidence of this is the automakers's entry this year's One Lap of America ...

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    VIDEO: Dodge Challenger fan commercial rates highly

    Click above to view fanboy promoThe quintessential car chase may have been immortalized in movies like The French Connection and Bullitt, but there have been dozens of chase flicks with everything from Pontiac Trans Ams to Dodge Challengers as the star. The 1971 movie Vanishing Point served as a ...


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