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    Report: Tuner may sue Monaco hotel for damage caused by valet's injury

    It's relatively common to hear about unethical valets taking a joyride and wrecking high-performance cars. However, a recent 'accident' in Monaco might be one of the weirdest cases ever. Of course, now the lawyers may get involved. Andreas Belzek, owner of tuning firm Prior Design, was driving ...

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    Casino valets give Ferrari F430 to wrong owner, let him drive away

    As if we needed another reason to steer clear of valets everywhere, a report from The Herald Sun claims that a casino in Australia has handed over an F430 to someone other than the owner. This week, professional poker player Van Marcus stopped into the Crown Casino with some friends for a little ...

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    VIDEO: Valet vigilante vandalism visualizes very vunerable vehicles

    Valets burning all kinds of rubber -- Click above to watch video
    We suppose we should thank some of the less savvy lunkheads out there for their egos – if they didn't post videos of their antics, they might not be caught. A few valets in the employ of Atlanta-based AAA Valet, working at the ...

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    VIDEO: Crooked valet attendants caught in Los Angeles

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It's tough to find a parking spot in Los Angeles, but luckily there are plenty of valets to park your ride for you. The cost ranges from just a few bucks to $20 or more, but when there are places to go, people to see and deadlines to meet, the cost of ...

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    VIDEO: KITT obviates valet parking

    Something tells me the commercials for the new Knight Rider are going to be better than the show they're pimping, but we can hold out hope, however slim it may be. This week's new TV spot features lead character Mercury Mike Tracer as he drops off KITT in front of a valet parking stand, rendering ...

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    Lexus exposes the world of the valet

    We have to admit that we've secretly pined for a position as a valet at some upscale nightclub or a sell-your-first-born-for-reservations restaurant. There is something intriguing about the prospect of rubbing elbows with the upper crust of socialites by driving their cherished rides that, in some ...


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