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If you're committed, looking to get out, or single, chances are a car figures into your love life.


A Scotsman driving through the Highlands stumbled on a new Top Gear shoot and filmed it with a quadcopter.


Land Rover made sure this would the most memorable Valentine's Day ever for four childhood friends and their 1957 Series I in New Zealand. Watch the video for the full story.


What's this? A yoga woman in seated pose praising oil companies and the billions in profits and huge government subsidies they get saying, with a radiant smile, "That's awesome!"


If you live in Japan and you want to get something for your special someone for Valentine's Day, then slow dance down to your Fiat dealer and check out the Fiat 500 Fiore Rosa. A holiday special, the pale metallic pink Cinquecento is limited to 150 examples and only on sale from February 14-17. But beware the connotations, because as far as we can glean from Google Translate, the 500 Fiore Rosa is a bargain model, getting halogen lights instead of bi-xenons, manual air-con instead of climate con


Driving a vehicle like a Maserati is as much about the status symbol as it is about the mechanical bits of the vehicle underneath the badge. So it only follows that the Trident marque should offer other ways for its customers to flaunt their wealth when away from their GranTurismo or Quattroporte.


There are lots of ways to say "I love you" on Valentines Day, but for people who like their cars fast and electric, a Tesla Roadster tops a dozen roses. Quite possibly, two dozen. At least, that's what the northernmost Tesla Motors fan thinks.


Chocolate Smart ForTwo by Q-Pot – Click above to watch the video after the jump


St. Valentine's day is tomorrow and, if you are planning to do something special, think about applying your green driving techniques to the quest for love. Before you reach for things to throw at my head, let me make clear that these, um, tips come from the British Environmental Transport Association (ETA). The ETA's advice to both motorists and those in search of love can be summarized in three points:

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