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What you missed on 7.5.11

Posted 2011-07-05T19:21:00Z

Quick Spin: 2012 Audi Q3

The frequent customer logic goes something like, "It's small and expensive, so why wouldn't I just buy the bigger Q5 or maybe an A4?" Hence most of the reason why Audi North America hesitates on bringing the Q3 over to us.

Volkswagen: What's Going On With Chattanooga's Newest Resident - Part 2

Chattanooga plant is committed to being perhaps the best facility in VW's fold, something that couldn't be said of company's last U.S. plant in New Stanton, Pennsylvania.

What you missed on 7.1.11

Posted 2011-07-01T19:22:00Z

First Drive: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

We worked this 640i Coupe on the autobahn and on the many squeaky clean and manicured twisting two-lanes southeast of Munich where the low hills start to rumple up toward the Bavarian and Austrian Alps.

2011 Ford Mustang GT Convertible vs. 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible [w/poll]

In that grand tradition, the editors at Autoblog have dug in on which of our country's convertible muscle cars is the most American – the 2011 Ford Mustang GT Convertible or the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible.

What you missed on 6.30.11

Posted 2011-06-30T19:21:00Z

Review: 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser [w/video]

While the full-size sport utility vehicle is one of the automaker's slowest-selling vehicles on U.S. shores – and one of its most expensive – those who've owned one tend to become very loyal fans.

Long Term: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, June 2011

The exterior design is anonymous, the interior feels cheap, and none of the noises it makes are confidence inspiring. On the flipside, the new Jetta, particularly when powered by diesel like our long-termer, impresses in ways that take more time to bubble up to the surface.

What you missed on 6.29.11

Posted 2011-06-29T19:21:00Z

Review: 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

Station wagons are a bit like free dinners. Your parents appreciate them, auto journalists love them and nobody buys them. Who needs a station wagon when a crossover is just as roomy, not as efficient and generally more expensive?

Video: First Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer shows glimpses of BMW i8, 6 Series

We see plenty of hand-to-hand combat, gun fights, beautiful ladies and exotic locals... plus the BMW i8, and even a gut-wrenching scene with a BMW 6 Series convertible.

What you missed on 6.28.11

Posted 2011-06-28T19:20:00Z

Quick Spin: 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid [w/video]

The latest member of the Kia family is the 2011 Optima Hybrid, and it's looking to speak to the green-tinged car-shopping contingent.

Exclusive: 2014 Porsche ACC InnoDrive tested... hello, Big Brother?

We have just been brought to the Porsche's hardcore research and design center to drive special Panamera S test mules equipped with the most recent iteration of an ECU-software development that company knows is going to make people like us fret.

What you missed on 6.27.11

Posted 2011-06-27T19:21:00Z

Quick Spin: 2011 Think City

If you find yourself edging close to the Begley side of the save-the-world spectrum, you're no doubt paying attention to the fresh crop of all-electric cars on the market.

Electric automaker Think hopes you've been paying attention.

Review: Aston Martin Experience iPhone App

Aston has upped the app game by including a video function that can record your drive, a telemetry display that shows your speed and Gs, and a database of the world's best roads.

What you missed on 6.24.11

Posted 2011-06-24T19:21:00Z

Quick Spin: 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder

After a day of driving the 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder on good roads all around Stuttgart's farm country and blasting along the no-limit Autobahn, we break down like always and decide it's pretty damned cool to possess any 911 Turbo S whatsoever.

Minis on Top tackles the Mt. Washington Auto Road, we tag along for the drive

This is a narrow road with two directions of traffic, no protective barriers and a long drop-off that sits uncomfortably close to your car's tires. Still, this a must-drive road.

Autoblog Beta: New areas are open for business

As most of you wonderful beta testers already know, there are many areas of Autoblog Beta that aren't done yet. Today we're announcing that most of those areas of the site have been launched, which makes Autoblog Beta itself much, much closer to completion.

Also of interest:

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What you missed on 6.23.11

Posted 2011-06-23T19:20:00Z

First Drive: 2012 Jaguar XKR-S [w/video]

Donning its latest new costume, the XK is transformed – via the XKR – into the XKR-S. The fastest and most powerful U.S. legal road car Jaguar has ever made, the brief was to create a coupe that could be hellacious around a track yet remain gracious around town.

Review: CARS 2

The amazing thing about the CARS franchise: It's equally appealing to four-year-olds and forty-year-olds. Oh, and anything emblazoned with its V-shaped hood ornament logo or the likes of its lead character Lightning McQueen will sell by the truck load.

What you missed on 6.22.11

Posted 2011-06-22T19:21:00Z

First Drive: 2012 Audi R8 GT [w/video]

Whether the badge says Gallardo, Viper or M5, a V10 under the hood promises intoxicating power and frenzied excitement. The new Audi R8 GT packs just such an engine – a 5.2-liter V10.

Video: Balloon Boy's dad full of hot air over his new truck bed system

Richard Heene, the man behind the "Balloon Boy" hoax from 2009, wants to sell you a new product for your pickup. Really, really badly. Zoomer!

What you missed on 6.21.11

Posted 2011-06-21T19:21:00Z

First Drive: 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

Despite having arrived in 2008 as a 2009 model, the Genesis received a mild refresh in 2010, and 2012 brings a range of improvements across the line. Those include more power and fuel efficiency for the entry-level 3.8-liter V6 engine, aesthetic tweaks and the arrival of this range-topping Genesis 5.0 R-Spec.

Opinion: Luxgen EV puts Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf on notice

Part of the reason for Luxgen's anonymity is that it's a start-up from Taiwan. Even so, this little company could soon make a big splash in the automotive world.


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