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    Mexico bans all imported used cars from U.S. except 1998 models

    All you people with a 10-year-old car – drive it, drag it, push it or pull it! Mexico is paying top dollar!Starting today, the only used cars the Mexico government will allow across its borders for resale are those exactly 10 years old. That means your 1998 Hyundai Accent has appreciated in ...

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    Teens caught for phony Craigslist Porsche scam

    It used to be that kids did the darndest things. Lately, a lot of kids seem to be more into wacked-out-WTF things, like a 17-year-old Manhattan high-schooler in Long Island, NY who was the ringleader in a scam created to rob folks looking to buy a Porsche. The scam was quite simple and took ...

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    Rolls-Royce finds Provenance for its used cars

    You're at the showroom, looking over the Rolls-Royce Phantom you've had your eye on for a while, and not sure whether you can trust the used car dealer or the wrinkled Carfax report you're holding. For you discerning buyers, the double-R has come to the rescue by offering "new car peace of mind" ...

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    The Big-O of used car sales: Enterprise teams up with

    Although she might not be the spokewoman for any longer, Sabine Ehrenfeld is one minor celebrity we actively look for an excuse to mention. Second only to Nürburg-queen Sabine Schmitz,'s Sabine Ehrenfeld is that super sexy, multi-talented spokesperson that ...

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    Psst! Over here: Sleeper Deals

    Quick, print this out! This information will self-destruct! How else will we keep everyone's greasy mitts off our beloved "sleeper deals?" Not sleeper in the hot-rod sense, though some of these cars are certainly capable. No, by "sleeper deals" we mean the great iron out there that's overlooked, ...

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    Slummin' it: Chrysler execs testing used vehicles

    Thinking that top executives had perhaps gotten out of touch with what the real world buyer of their cars is experiencing, Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda is sending 250 top executives out to test drive some used cars. He has them driving three-year-old DaimlerChrysler products because he wants them to ...

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    Don't forget the used car option

    With all the deals going on, it's hard to imagine why anybody would go for a used car. But it's the right choice for some people -- with the proper preparation. It's a common story. You buy a car from someone who advertised in the newspaper. The next thing you know, you're broken down in the ...


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