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    Report: New iPhone 5 may come with incompatible connector for cars

    Nearly the entire auto industry has finally caught up with the world of consumer electronics, offering a way to connect the iPod/iPhone – be it via USB, Bluetooth or official Apple connector – in most new cars. The 30-pin Apple connector was first incorporated in a car by BMW in 2004 ...

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    Asus shifts the hard-drive into over-drive with new Lamborghini HDD

    Things tend to get out of hand with Lamborghini. Whether you're driving one and just can't resist pushing the pedal to the floor, or buying one and end up laying down an extra five figures on options. The same goes for Lamborghini electronics, too. Sant'Agata teams up with Asus for that bit, ...

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    Chronolyze unleashes the potential of Porsche's Sport Chrono Plus

    Chronolyze software – Click above for high-res image gallery of screen shots
    Porsche's optional "Sport Chrono Package" adds a Sport button to the center console that kicks throttle, suspension and engine behavior up a few notches. It also adds a cool swivel-mounted timer to the center of ...

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    Weekend Project: Instructables shows you how to get USB power in your car

    In our modern world, many of us are weighed down with an assortment of gadgets and gizmos, all of which need a recurring supply of electrons. If you're like us, you probably have a box full of assorted power adapters for your vehicle that you've collected for your phones, MP3 players and ...

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    Fast Files: Ducati flash drive

    Ducati is positioning itself as the Ferrari of motorbikes. They may not say it, but that's what it comes down to. Like Ferrari, they make some of the fastest and most desirable Italian road-rockets around. Like Ferrari, they been 'round the GP circuit. And like Ferrari, they've been ramping up ...

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    Wacky USB remote-controlled car provides minutes of fun

    Around our office, we're always passing small files between the multiple workstations via USB flash drives. Chinese toymaker Marsilli has come up with a fun way for us to amuse ourselves as we pass files back and forth. Their 512MB flash drive that doubles as an RC car comes with its own race ...

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    VW adds USB port to some European models

    Though many companies have solved the dilemma of playing digital music in your car by adding auxiliary (iPod) inputs, that solution still renders all your USB flash drives useless. Volkswagen, however, has announced that a number of its vehicles in Europe can be ordered with a USB port in the ...


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