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AddUSAF grounds over half of two-seat F-16 fleet

The United States Air Force has taken the dramatic step of grounding over half of an entire variant of one of its most well-known planes – the F-16 Fighting Falcon (or Viper, if you prefer its unofficial nickname). The grounding covers the two-seat F-16D variant, and was issued after the USAF discovered structural cracks in 82 of its 157 fighters.

117What was this plane doing in a National Guard exercise?

This is the Scorpion, a jointly developed project from Textron and AirLand, that purports to be an ultra-affordable light attack fighter that can be used mainly on intelligence, surveillance and recon (ISR) missions.

AddF-35 purchase price will average $178 million per plane in FY2015

With all the problems and delays facing the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, critics of the program have had plenty of ammunition at their disposal. Now, they're about to get one more figure to lob at proponents of the plagued fighter – its cost. Now, we know the F-35 program itself is very pricey – the latest reports claim the jet has already cost an eye-watering $400 billion over the course of its development so far. The latest forecast for the unit cost, though, isn't a much mor

AddAir Force brass defends F-35 after engine fire, speculates on sixth-gen fighter

The military's F-35 Lightning II has not had an easy road these past several years. The most recent problem for the fifth-generation fighter came in late June, when an engine fire broke out on an F-35 at Eglin Air Force Base. Despite this, Air Force brass continues to stand by the embattled Joint Strike Fighter.

4US Air Force Thunderbirds Mustang fetches $400K at auction

For the last six years, Ford has created a special version of the Mustang with a military aviation theme, and then donated the car to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to be auctioned off at the annual AirVenture event, also known as The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. The money raised goes to the EAA Young Eagles program to inspire the "aviation pioneers of tomorrow," and this year's 2014 Ford Mustang GT US Air Force Thunderbirds Edition was won with a final bid of $398,000.

42Ford builds USAF Thunderbirds Edition Mustang for charity

Each year since 2008, Ford has created a one-off Mustang to celebrate military aviation, and the cars have been auctioned off at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Gathering of Eagles charity event to raise money to inspire the next generation of aviators. This year's charity car is the 2014 Ford Mustang GT US Air Force Thunderbirds Edition, which also helps celebrate 60 years of Thunderbirds air show excellence.

AddUSAF Scramjet-Powered Aircraft Undergoes Successful Testing

In what the United States Air Force is hailing as an "unqualified success," an X-51A WaveRider flight-test vehicle recently made the longest supersonic combustion ramjet-powered hypersonic flight. If what you just read sounded like a bunch of gibberish, you're not alone. So let's break it down, as this is a pretty big deal and a rather amazing new technology.

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