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    China Reversal: Tiger Truck opens plant in Texas

    While other manufacturers are hurrying to move factories and parts suppliers to China, Chinese truck maker ChangAn is going the other way. Dallas-based Tiger Truck, the exclusive US importer of ChangAn vehicles, has announced plans to open an assembly plant in Jasper, TX. Tiger's vehicles are for ...

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    Honda plant confirmed in Alabama

    Honda subsidiary Yutaka Technologies began construction on a transmission component factory in Cullman, Alabama in January. The plant will employ about 200 people and is part of a larger strategy to build several component-supplier factories to feed Honda's US manufacturing plants. There's new ...

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    Michelin lands $1.7b Pentagon contract

    The French military may not be fighting in Iraq, but their tires are: Michelin just landed an exclusive $1.7 billion contract with the US Department of Defense to supply the American military behemoth with tires. For the next ten years (at least), every vehicle in the US Army, Navy, Air Force ...

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    Golf Clap: Lexus sponsors USGA

    Unless we see LS 460s and Lucernes out on the greens tearing it up in a combination demolition derby-polo match, we're going back to sleep. In a snore-inducing move, Lexus has signed up with the US Golf Association to be the official vehicle of the US Open, US Women's Open, US Senior Open, and US ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Alfa 149 prototype

    Fans of Italian cars have been eagerly anticipating the replacement of the Alfa Romeo 147, currently the company's entry-level model. Alfa's working on a new "junior" model to slot below it in the line-up while it prepares a genuine replacement, expected to carry the 149 nameplate. The current ...

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    New ad campaign for the Big 3 plays the "Buy American" card

    The Level Field Institute, a group comprised of retired domestic auto workers, is telling consumers "What you drive, drives America" in an attempt to convince car buyers to purchase vehicles from the-group-of-nominally-domestic-automakers-previously-referred-to-as-the-Big-3. The ad campaign ...


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