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As expected, VeraSun Energy and US BioEnergy, two large American ethanol producers, have become one. In fact, the just-merged company expects to be the largest producer of ethanol in the United States by the end of this year, producing 1.64 billion gallons of the car-liquor. The newly-formed company is called VeraSun Energy Corporation and holds claim to eleven functioning ethanol plants with five more in construction.

Let's hold up with that statement for now, because there is a little asterisk in the press release (read it yourself after the break) that anything beyond the 1.6 billion gallon number is "Assuming construction resumes in 2008, which will depend on market conditions." As we all know, the ethanol market is not exactly in the strongest shape it's ever been in these days. With the low prices and product glut and lots of criticism of corn ethanol, I'm sure at least some at the two merging companies

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