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8Recharge Wrap-up: BlaBlaCar raises $100M, NASA launches CO2 satellite

Mazda2 With Rotary Range Extender Likely

BlaBlaCar, a ridesharing startup in Europe, has raised $100 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures. After recently growing to 12 countries and 8 million users, BlaBlaCar plans to us the funding for even more aggressive growth throughout Europe. The ridesharing service pairs drivers and passengers, allowing passengers to catch rides between cities while allowing drivers to save money on fuel on road trips. Drivers are not allowed to make a profit, and are only allowed to charge enough t

8Zap says it has 25,000 orders for Urbee, Sparkee EVs in China

They say that in China, if you're one in a million, there are still a thousand people just like you. The point being, there are a lot of people in China – 22 million vehicles were sold there in 2013 – so that can help us put today's announcement of 25,000 orders for Zap Jonway's new electric vehicles, the Urbee and Sparkee (above), into perspective.

5Zap readies new urban EV 'Urbee' for smoggy China

Zap Jonway is introducing an urban electric vehicle whose name frankly makes it sound a little bit like a stuffed animal. It's called the "Urbee." Batteries are included.

233D-printed Urbee 2 ready to cross US on 10 gallons of fuel

Two brothers are trying to get their lightweight, 3D-printed car all the way across the country using about the same amount of gas that it takes to get a Hummer across Los Angeles County. With their dog, no less.

20SEMA 2010: Urbee Concept has just one word for us: "Plastics"

KOR EcoLogic Urbee Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

7Stratasys prints out Urbee plug-in hybrid concept with cool 3D tech

The Urbee concept vehicle has an interesting story to go with its sci-fi looks. See, the body was not built in the classic sense, but rather it was printed. Three dimensional printing has seen significant growth in certain markets, like with design and engineering firms looking for rapid prototyping. However, even very expensive 3D printers are limited to printing small objects that can fit in, at most, a few cubic feet. Stratasys, a 3D printing company, teamed up with engineering group Kor Ecol

5Progressive X-Prize Shakedown Stage starts at Michigan International Speedway

The Progressive Automotive X-Prize has been underway for some time now but finally, the hyper-efficient rubber is meeting the race track. The twenty-eight remaining teams spent the weekend making their way to Michigan where they will begin the week-long "Shakedown Stage." There, the entrants will undergo a safety inspection and "on-track dynamic safety evaluations" that include, among other things, braking speed, lane changing ability and acceleration. The tests are only meant to prepare the veh

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