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urban planning

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    Report: America has too much parking, just not in the cities that need it

    It always seems that parking is easy to find when you don't need it, and it turns out that there might be a reason for that. New studies conducted by the University of Connecticut have found that the US might actually have too many spaces, especially in cities where they are needed least. The ...

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    Whither Suburbia? Virginia all but outlaws cul-de-sac construction in face of traffic costs

    Virginia lawmakers are taking a metaphorical battering ram to suburban culs-de-sac, those little dead-end roundabouts that are almost all adorned with a yellow sign saying "No Outlet." Caught out by spiraling maintenance and development costs, the Washington Post reports that legislators are now ...

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    Traffic sim: Recreate your morning commute on a PC

    Here's something we wish every highway planner was required to use any time they had a bright idea (like those darned roundabouts they're so fond of calling "rotarys" here in Massachusetts!). This neat little Java-powered (much like us AutoBloggers!) website allows you to adjust and model traffic ...


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