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The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State just had the chance to put the Proterra electric bus through some fuel economy tests in Altoona, PA and it was there that the Altairnano-powered people mover generated some head-turning miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) numbers. After going through three different duty cycles, the worst result returned was 17.55 MPGe, while the best was 29.23 MPGe, earned during the "commuter" phase which featured just one stop and speeds of up to 40 mph.

Even in a down economy, things were looking up for UQM Technologies in its most recent fiscal quarter. Lots of interest in its electric drive systems helped the company raise its revenues to $2,873,595, a big jump from the $1,714,858 it recorded a year earlier. The company still lost money but narrowed its losses to $764,101 compared to $1,306,996 in 2007. One of UQM's more noteworthy customers in 2008, if not its biggest revenue source, was Chrysler. The five electric drive vehicles shown by Ch

Click above for more high-res shots of the eRUF Concept Model A

UQM Technologies has announced a new 125kW permanent magnet electric motor system. The motor system is developed specifically designed for automotive applications. The 125kW rating is the peak power output while continuous power output is 60kW. The 11 inch diameter motor has a peak torque production of 221lb-ft with a continuous 118lb-ft rating. UQM developed the motor for use in subcompact cars with electric drive. The packaging has been optimized for those cars that can't fit the UQM's existin

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