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    Report: UPS testing plastic trucks that cut weight by 1,000 pounds [w/video]

    UPS is known for its amazing level of efficiency, and that reputation could soon extend to fuel savings thanks to a prototype dubbed CV-23. The delivery company has ordered five of these prototypes to be tested through the end of 2011, but this is no ordinary next-generation package hauler. The ...

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    Video: UPS truck gets SHO transplant, flame job

    When it comes to getting packages where they're going, few crews are more on point than the team at UPS. Whether it's across the state or around the world, Brown gets your gear where it's going with a quickness. The company has used a fleet of proprietary delivery trucks since 1966, but judging ...

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    VIDEO: What can Brown do for motorsports? UPS converts truck into racer

    UPS is one efficient company. Brown can deliver millions of packages a day to just about anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the big brown delivery trucks are slow as molasses, and getting stuck behind one in rush hour is an exercise in frustration. UPS management obviously understands the ...

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    Eaton developing hydraulic hybrid systems

    Eaton, a company primarily known for making superchargers that make your vehicle go like stink, but guzzle even more gas, is also in the series hydraulic hybrid (SHH) business. The drive system in a hydraulic hybrid replaces the conventional drivetrain; the engine is effectively rendered a "pump" ...

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    Left Out: UPS software minimizes left turns

    What can Brown do for you? Not make left turns, for a start. UPS uses proprietary software it calls "package flow" to increase efficiency in its logistical operations, including mapping out routes for each of its 95,000 delivery trucks. According to UPS, the software has already cut out some 28.5 ...

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    Toyota's NASCAR presence has other teams sweating

    Toyota, currently running roughshod over other automakers in the showrooms, will be hitting NASCAR next year with the goal of doing the same thing to its competition on the track. Word around the pits is that this is causing sleepless nights for other teams, but not for reasons one would think. ...


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