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    VW's up! might be renamed Lupo in 2011

    The trio of Up! concepts foretell Volkswagen's re-entry into the ultra-affordable transportation business, and the interweb car lovers at World Car Fans may have cracked the name code of the cute mini. While Up! is catchy and adorable, the Germans may be playing mind games here, just like when the ...

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    VW may sell small, turbocharged vehicles for $13k in the U.S.

    click above for high-res gallery of the Volkswagen up! Space conceptVolkswagen may be serious about returning to its "people's car" roots by importing a small vehicle to the U.S. with a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine. Stefan Jacoby, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, told Automotive News that ...

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    Czech Up: Skoda plans its own VW Up! derivative

    The Skoda Fabia (not sold in America) is pretty small. It's based on the Volkswagen Polo platform (also not sold in America). But Skoda chairman Reinhard Jung wants an even smaller car based on the upcoming production version of the VW up! concept, and that also won't be sold here in all ...

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    Volkswagen to build Up! in India

    Volkswagen has been struggling here in the US, but in emerging markets the German automaker is among the best. VW has been a big player in China since way before it was cool, and now Mr. Winterkorn and co. are focusing their attention on the booming India market. VW is planning on producing 240,000 ...

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    GM not going after VW, Toyota's minicars

    General Motors' European arm has decided that it won't jump feet-first into the micro-car segment with Smart, and more recently Toyota and Volkswagen. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, GM's Euro-veep Carl-Peter Forster said that, "These specialized urban vehicles have a limited market." True ...

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    LA 2007: Deja Vu with Volkswagen space up! blue

    Click on the image above to view in high-resolutionVolkswagen didn't appear to take this year's LA auto show very seriously – its press kit appears to have been assembled by a kindergarten class on a budget. The car it unveiled here in the City of Angels was little more than a redressed ...

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    Tokyo Motor Show: VW drops the up! space in Japan

    click above image for more high-res pics of the VW up! space Concept Volkswagen is looking to conquer the cheap car market with its new family of small cars, tentatively referred to as the up! cars. Having previously shown the first up! concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen usedTokyo to ...

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    BMW to show 1-series based concept in Tokyo

    Over the course of the last few weeks, we've been constantly updating our comprehensive list of debuts slated for the Tokyo Motor Show, but one glaring omission continually jumped out at us: BMW. We know they'll be showing off the M3 Sedan, but it was rumored that something else would grace the ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: VW gets it up!

    UPDATE: Press release added after the jump.Click the image above for more live high-res pics. Some may compare it to the Beetle, but in the end, it looks like a restyled Golf that's been left in the dryer for one cycle too long. The rear-engine, three-door, four-seat city car from Volkswagen, ...


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