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82Chrysler adding jobs at Toledo Jeep plant to boost Wrangler production

New car sales have been on the upswing, and few vehicles have experienced more success than the Jeep Wrangler. The iconic off-roader set an all-time May sales record with 14,454 units sold, and its total sales are up 34 percent on the year.

17Thanks for the massive debt, here's a Jeep: Buy a log cabin, get a Wrangler

Just as the Prius is an essential piece of kit if you desire to wrap yourself in the color green, if being ever-ready is what you'd like to exude, buy a house. Not just any house, mind you - that'd be like a Greenie stripped of their Starbucks intravenous drip, Livestrong bracelet, and Macintosh laptop. If it's backwood rancher/Eagle Scout that you're looking to portray, no domicile will do better than a log cabin. Of course, while the outside says 1885, modern log cabins are a luxury item commo

11NHTSA looking into Jeep stalling issue

While the recent success of the Wrangler Unlimited bodes well for Jeep and its continued domination of all things off-road, NHTSA is in the midst of investigating a series of complaints claiming that the iconic Jeep is stalling at highway speeds, and in some cases, losing electrical power.

4Detroit Auto Show: Wrangler, Wrangler on the Wall (video)

DaimlerChrysler clearly spent big this year at the Detroit show. The Mercedes-Benz "cars on ice" display was impressive, but the Jeep's presence was even more so. In addition to the trippy waterfall – we swear, it was making shapes – the neo-Flinstones display had a new Wrangler Unlimited mounted on the side of a big faux-rock tower. You look up and think, "whoa, there's a Jeep up there", but for those left wondering how they did it, this brief two-and-a-half-minute video shows the i

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