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    Report: Maserati and Lamborghini pull out of Iran

    Daimler is out, Toyota is out, Porsche is out, Hyundai, PSA Peugeot-Citroën are out and when it comes to selling cars in Iran, now Maserati and Lamborghini are out, too. The definitive pullouts of those last two automakers are said to be reactions to a press conference held by a group called ...

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    Report: How much do traffic deaths cost your state? CDC has the answer

    Every year, the United States loses in the neighborhood of 30,000 people to traffic accidents. That's like the entire population of a medium-sized town being wiped out annually. The number of deaths not only wreaks havoc with families, but it puts a strain on our economy. In recognition of the ...

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    Iranians can't buy Toyotas anymore

    The current situation over in Iran is pretty grim, what with major countries like the United States and Europe imposing new sanctions on the Middle Eastern country. The reason? International concern over the country's nuclear program. Because of this situation, Toyota has decided to cease ...

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    Conspiracy theorists mistake Kia storage site for U.N. takeover of Florida

    Click above to view in Google maps
    There are an endless amount of interesting tidbits to be found when browsing satellite images in Google maps and Google Earth. Unfortunately, we have to keep in mind that the images are not in real-time, or even close too it. Most are 2–3 years old or ...


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