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    Auctions: Barrett-Jackson 2013: Odds and Ends from Friday's Festivities

    While the big-ticket items sold at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale usually hit the block on Saturday, Friday often brings with it a few interesting finds. This year was no different. With an assortment of vehicles ranging from an original 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO with a 427-cubic-inch V8 and ...

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    Shelby okays production of "continuation" cars for former Unique Performance customers

    Remember Unique Performance? Of course, how could we forget the sordid tale of a company building licensed replicas of the Shelby GT500 Eleanor featured in Gone in 60 Seconds, only to be shut down by the police after its shady business practices were uncovered before most cars were delivered. More ...

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    Round Two: Second Unique Performance auction set for June

    The epic saga of Unique Performance and its fall from grace isn't over yet. An auction was held in March to help clear the bankrupt company's back debts, but it only raised $1 million. That wasn't enough to compensate the many ripped-off owners and fleeced employees, not to mention the federal ...

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    Prosecutors opt not to prosecute Unique Performance execs

    Click on the image to see VIN tampering evidenceAfter finding out that the Unique Performance asset auction didn't make nearly enough money to pay the lost wages of the company's former employees, at least those disenfranchised workers held out hope that their ex-bosses would face some major legal ...

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    Carroll Shelby sued by Unique Performance customers

    Carroll Shelby has seen it all. He's raised chickens and flew planes in WWII. He's raced in Formula One and partnered with all three of America's automakers. And then some. At 85 years old, Shelby deserves praise – like the Automotive Executive of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards the ...

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    Unique Performance auction hauls in $1 million+, not enough

    The ongoing saga at Unique Performance came to another disappointing conclusion this past weekend when the remaining shells and equipment were unceremoniously auctioned off. The 40 former employees of Unique Performance (plus another 100 that were also owed cash) were hoping that the proceeds from ...

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    In the market for something Unique? Check out their auction online

    We've covered the scandal involving Unique Performance from the very beginning, and it now looks as if this sordid tale finally might get a bookend. If the idea of scraping off 13 gallons of bondo doesn't scare you, maybe you'd be interested in bidding on one (or more) of the 44 leftover Mustang ...

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    Round 4: Unique Performance execs face 25 felony charges

    Just two days ago, we reported that Unique Performance was in hot water. They had miserably failed to deliver hand-crafted continuation Shelby 427 GT500 "Super Snake" Mustangs to customers who had put up $7 million worth of deposits. Frustration grew to boiling anger when customers heard that the ...

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    Unique Performance used prisons and buckets of Bondo to build Mustangs

    This just keeps getting more interesting by the day. Back in 2002, Carroll Shelby partnered with Unique Performance to produce continuation Shelby 427 GT500 "Super Snake" models. Only one "Super Snake" was built in 1967, so each of these "new" cars, built on a vintage 60's Mustang platform with a ...

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    Slighted Unique Performance workers demand wages

    The effects of the recent collapse of Unique Performance continue to grow, and this time it's the employees who claim they are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. According to CBS 11 News in Dallas, many of the employees were asked to stay on to complete several Foose Stallions that needed ...

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    We're out too! Foose Design also cuts ties with Unique Performance

    Foose Design and the man for which the company is named, Chip Foose, announced last Friday that it is severing all ties with Unique Performance. The Dallas-based company had agreements with Foose to produce the Foose Mustang Stallion (pictured), Foose Camaro, Foose Challenger and Foose Motorcycle, ...

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    Unique Performance raided by local police

    Unique Performance, located in the Dallas, Texas area, was raided by police today. The news does not come as a huge shock to some as Unique has been in legal trouble with customers awaiting their restored Mustangs, but never receiving them. Carroll Shelby also recently severed licensing ties with ...

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    Round 2: Unique Performance fires back at Shelby

    We reported earlier that Shelby was severing ties with Unique Performance, builder of the Shelby GT350 SR and GT500 E continuation series Mustangs. Shelby claims that some customers who put down deposits up to two years ago have not received their cars. Unique has taken approximately $7 million in ...

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    Shelby severing ties with Unique Performance

    Carroll Shelby's licensing arm is taking steps to end its relationship with Unique Performance, the Texas tuner that created and still updates muscle cars for both Shelby and Chip Foose. Unique has apparently been the subject of an increasing number of complaints and lawsuits from folks who have ...

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    What's in a name? "Hemisfear" becomes Foose Coupe as production nears

    Click image for gallery of live and press picsWhen we saw this car at SEMA, it wore the Hemisfear moniker. But something happened on the way to (limited) production. Rumor has it Chrysler balked at the use of "HEMI" in the name, and so the Foose Coupe was born. Still available with a 392 crate ...

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    Foose Stallions galloping into a Ford dealer near you

    Yet another custom Mustang story. OK, we understand you might be getting overwhelmed by all of the special 'Stangs on the market right now, but as America's only affordable sportscar with a V8, it's an obvious tuner choice. And this happens to be a Mustang by one of our favorite customizers, Chip ...

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    MoPar madness! Foose "Overhaulin'" Challenger to see production

    The '71 Challenger that Chip Foose whipped into shape on TLC's "Overhaulin'" TV show back in 2004 must have been a big hit, because Foose is partnering with Texas-based Unique Performance to build a limited production run of Challengers based on the TV version.The limited edition muscle cars will ...

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    AC Cars signs deal for U.S. distribution of "real" Cobras

    AC Cars Ltd. and Texas-based Unique Performance, Inc. have announced an exclusive distribution deal that will bring AC's MkV roadster to the U.S. market. The carbon fiber bodied roadster is produced in the U.K. by AC, Britain's oldest automotive manufacturer, and the company that built the AC Ace, ...


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