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    GM would rather have Opel, Vauxhall fall into insolvency than sell to Magna?

    While General Motors was going through its 42 day bankruptcy period, one of the stories that didn't receive much play was the sale of GM's Opel brand. The major players in the Opel sale appear to be the German government, Canadian supplier Magna and Belgian private investor RHJ International. ...

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    REPORT: Toyota moving Tacoma production to San Antonio

    Now that Toyota has decided the fate of the NUMMI plant, the company has to decide where to move production of the Tacoma and Corolla models built there. The Corolla hasn't been spoken for yet, but Toyota is confirming that its Tacoma line is moving to the San Antonio factory that currently makes ...

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    REPORT: Opel labor union goes on the offensive, GM negotiator meets with German feds

    The battle for Opel has added another front: Opel labor unions at two of the company's German factories retracted an agreement made last year to forgo vacation bonuses. The move demands that General Motors pay the laborers €70 million ($100.2M U.S.) by next week, the amount that they agreed to ...

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    REPORT: Police storm occupied SsangYong factory after dropping tear gas from helicopters

    Most American pistonheads' exposure to SsangYong is limited to Jeremy Clarkson beating one to death with a sledgehammer (or similar). However, not only did South Korea's fifth largest automaker once build Jeeps for the U.S. Army, in the 1970s they changed their name to Dong-A Motor. Obviously, ...

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    REPORT: New GM entitled to $16 billion in federal tax breaks courtesy of Old GM

    Due to what appears to be a slight (additional) bending of the rules, the "new," post-bankruptcy General Motors has been allowed to carry the $16 billion net operating loss that was created by the "old" GM. That means that New GM will not have to pay taxes on its profits for a while, because the ...

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    REPORT: Opel, waiting on GM and the German government, heading toward bankruptcy

    There are five noteworthy parties involved in the negotiations over Opel's fate: GM, the German government, the Opel trust, states with Opel manufacturing plants, and the Opel labor union. The Opel trust is the body created to run Opel after GM's bankruptcy, and consists of five members: a ...

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    REPORT: Opel to cut prices 40% in order to save jobs?

    Sometimes deals get made, and then the dealmakers have to employ some pretty creative tactics to get the terms to work. Magna's deal for Opel included taking €1.5 billion in short term loans from the German government, the string attached being that Magna had to guarantee German jobs.Saving ...

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    REPORT: Two plants saved from closing under new GM/UAW agreement

    According to the Detroit Free Press, the 14 plants that General Motors is expected to announce for closure on Monday was going to be 16 plants until the UAW got its way on Capitol Hill. The union charged GM with closing factories, but instead of a commensurate reduction in production, GM was moving ...

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    Honda UK workers vote in favor of 3% pay cut to save jobs

    The numbers for the UK car industry in April point to a 50% drop in production, and factories that aren't shut down completely are being run at glacial paces. After closing its Swindon, England plant for four months, the choice Honda gave workers there fit the template of the times: take a pay cut ...

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    Fiat CEO Marchionne: "If I was a betting man, I would suggest Chrysler is going to fall into Chapter 11"

    After yesterday's Chrysler news regarding the first-lien holders and the U.S. Treasury coming to terms, we hope none of you thought the Pentastar had gotten off the see-saw. The latest tidbit comes from Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, but it comes via CAW head Ken Lewenza. According to Lewenza, ...

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    CAW President Lewenza issues address responding to Nardelli/Lasorda letter

    The top dogs at Chrysler sent a letter to the Canadian Auto Workers union that essentially said that the automaker needed wage concessions of $19 per hour, or else it was Game Over. As a further way to apply pressure, Chrysler's letter frequently referenced the U.S. and Canadian governments as ...

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    French unions try a new negotiating tactic: kidnapping

    Parts suppliers are experiencing just as much trouble as the automakers they supply. Employees at one company, though, have taken a tip from Somali pirates and upped the anger stakes. When Faurecia felt it had been wronged by Chrysler, it took Chrysler to court. When Faurecia's employees in France ...

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    Tuesday deadline for Chrysler Canada to make CAW deal

    After declaring that the deal GM struck with the Canadian Auto Workers union wasn't nearly good enough, Chrysler has threatened to pull out of Canada if cannot come to an agreement with the CAW by Tuesday, March 31. Making matters even more pressing is the fact that the Canadian government has set ...

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    REPORT: UAW backs Chrysler-Fiat partnership

    According to The Detroit News, the United Auto Workers is giving its blessings to a potential Chrysler-Fiat tie-up. Chrysler honcho Bob Nardelli earlier pegged the possible union as a $10 billion bonanza for Chrysler, since the Pentastar would save money on developing a range of platforms, engines, ...

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    Rally 'round the family: Ford backs up Chrysler's "weak" assessment of new CAW contract

    GM just ratified an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers union, and as soon as it did, Chrysler blasted it for being "weak." Chrysler's complaint was that the CAW didn't offer enough concessions to bring production costs into line with market realities. Now Ford has piped up in Chrysler's ...

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    GM Canada workers approve contract concessions

    The Canadian Auto Workers union has ratified a new contract with General Motors that should help substantially reduce the automaker's operating costs in Canada. The template of the agreement is very similar to the one reached here in the U.S. between Ford and the UAW recently. CAW said 87% of its ...

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    GM offers buyouts to every one of its hourly workers

    Yesterday, General Motors announced plans for another round of buyouts. Initial reports said the automaker would offer workers 50 years of age and older $20,000 cash and another $25,000 voucher towards the purchase of a GM vehicle. However, the Associated Press is now reporting that GM will offer ...

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    Federal loan conditions: UAW can't strike against GM

    Now that we've made it through the bailout hearings and the deal between GM and the U.S. Government has been settled (for now), we can start taking a closer look at the details. Oh, here's one: the Feds added one crucial condition to the GM bridge loans, and it was aimed squarely at the unions: no ...

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    OPINION: The real cost of unionized auto workers? $70/hour? Try $38!

    There are plenty of people in this country who would desperately love to see all unions go away. Over the course of the congressional hearings on an automaker bailout this week many of those people have continually brought up the un-cited "fact" that UAW workers get $70/hour in wages and benefits ...

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    Tata expected to sign Memorandum on sale of Jaguar this month

    Ford and Tata are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover in late February or early March. Ford has reportedly agreed to continue supplying engines and components, and Tata to accept the pension arrangements. The final issue is Ford's discussions with ...


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