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    Japanese inventor makes gas and brake one pedal

    The interface between human and machine are often as much art as they are science. A prime example is the way automobiles are controlled, in particular acceleration and braking. While nearly all vehicles over the last several decades have used a pair of adjacent foot pedals to manage those ...

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    Toyota 'victims' urge passage of Motor Vehicle Safety Act

    No one can accuse our legislative process of being particularly swift. Even in the midst of one of the most productive congressional sessions in years, it takes plenty of hemming and hawing to push a bill all the way from committee to law. Unfortunately, a group of individuals affected by the ...

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    NHTSA claims Toyota unintended acceleration may have claimed 89 lives

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now estimating that 89 deaths may be attributable to unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles here in the United States between the year 2000 and May of 2009. Previously, it was reported that 52 deaths were possibly related to the throttle ...

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    Toyota develops "SMART" process for quick on-site evaluation of unintended acceleration cases

    Ever since the whole Toyota recall debacle exploded late in 2009, one of the company's biggest problems has been the way it has responded to the problems. Many have criticized Toyota for either ignoring the problems or pretending that there is nothing wrong, but the company is now seeking to ...

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    Report: Toyota to replace pedals for owners not satisfied with fix

    Second-gen Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to a Toyota memo first obtained by Jalopnik and later reported by the Associated Press, Toyota is currently notifying dealers that a replacement pedal can be installed at no charge to owners of recalled Toyota ...

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    Local police agree, runaway Prius in NY caused by driver error

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported its initial findings on the runaway Prius case in New York. The NHTSA disclosed information regarding its belief that the 2005 Prius involved in the suspected ...

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    Are radioactive cosmic rays to blame for unintended acceleration?

    Could cosmic rays from space be to blame for Toyotas that uncontrollably speed out of control? Could such cosmic rays put you in danger of becoming a bright orange superhuman rocky man-Thing? These are the questions that a number of researchers are suggesting need a closer look to see if ...

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    Toyota hits back at David Gilbert's "no fault code" demonstration

    Mechanism used to "force unintended acceleration - Click above for high-res image gallery
    In a video webcast for the media that concluded a just a few moments ago, Toyota hit back at the "simulated unintended acceleration" demonstration that was shown by ABC News late last month. When we saw the ...

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    Consumer Reports may restore Toyota "Recommended" ratings next week

    Consumer Reports may be ready to offer a vote of confidence in Toyota, depending on the outcome of the Japanese automaker's current Congressional Hearings on Toyota Safety here in the United States, says CR Senior Director David Champion. At the end of January as news was starting to pile up ...

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    Analysis: ABC News report shouldn't panic Toyota drivers

    You may have noticed that there have been a large number of reports recently about Toyota and the continuing series of recalls it has announced in recent weeks. Here at Autoblog we try to be fair and tell the story as best we can without being inflammatory. Unfortunately, the same can not be said ...

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    GM tests Pontiac Vibe brakes against unintended acceleration in wake of Matrix recall

    2010 Pontiac Vibe - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Determined to allay any concerns that the Pontiac Vibe – a clone of the recalled Toyota Matrix – has safety issues with its brakes, General Motors conducted its own vehicle tests over the weekend at its Milford Proving ...

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    LA Times details Toyota history of concealing safety issues

    The unintended acceleration issue has reached critical mass for Toyota, but is it an isolated incident for an automaker with an otherwise stellar record for being frank with its customers? A recent investigation by the Los Angeles Times shows that Toyota may have concealed safety issues on ...

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    400 owners can be wrong: NHTSA closes Tacoma unintended acceleration investigation

    As is usually the case when complaints of unintended acceleration are levied against a vehicle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has concluded that no specific vehicular defects have been found in 2004-2008 Toyota Tacomas. The mid-sized truck had been under fire from over 400 ...

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    Toyota Tacoma under bit of fire for sudden acceleration

    Ever since the CBS 60 Minutes debacle involving the Audi 5000, the terms "sudden acceleration" and "unintended acceleration" have been indelibly beaten into the minds of most Americans. In recent times, vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee have been labeled with the unintended acceleration tag ...


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