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    Japanese inventor makes gas and brake one pedal

    The interface between human and machine are often as much art as they are science. A prime example is the way automobiles are controlled, in particular acceleration and braking. While nearly all vehicles over the last several decades have used a pair of adjacent foot pedals to manage those ...

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    Toyota develops "SMART" process for quick on-site evaluation of unintended acceleration cases

    Ever since the whole Toyota recall debacle exploded late in 2009, one of the company's biggest problems has been the way it has responded to the problems. Many have criticized Toyota for either ignoring the problems or pretending that there is nothing wrong, but the company is now seeking to ...

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    Toyota Tacoma under bit of fire for sudden acceleration

    Ever since the CBS 60 Minutes debacle involving the Audi 5000, the terms "sudden acceleration" and "unintended acceleration" have been indelibly beaten into the minds of most Americans. In recent times, vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee have been labeled with the unintended acceleration tag ...


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