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ultimate driving machine

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    Video: The 'Ultimate Driving Machine' is back

    No matter what you think about the BMW brand or its vehicles, you've got to admit that it's got the greatest slogan of any car company, ever. "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is one of those timeless phrases that ad execs dream about and companies pay millions to come up with. According to The New ...

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    Video: BMW introduces us to the Poucan, Luffalo and Zorse

    When it's not congratulating itself on how sweet its current lineup is, BMW is having a good old nostalgic ego stroke about the company's past creations. And the automaker gets pretty snooty when you start willy nilly bolting aftermarket parts to their Uber Autos Ultimate Driving Machines. This ...

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    BMW shopping for a new ad agency. Oh, Joy!

    BMW of North America is beginning a review for its $150 million U.S. ad account, the company said on Monday. The decision comes after a tumultuous six months for the company, having lost its long-time marketing executive, Jack Pitney,to a tragic accident last October and then parting with its ...

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    Video: BMW turns Singapore buildings into amazing 3D Joy

    BMW takes Singapore – Click above to watch video after the jump
    BMW advertising gurus have a big job ahead of them when it comes to supplementing their longstanding "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan with the company's new "Joy" campaign. Bimmer fanboys had lived and died by the company's ...

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    BMW: Still "The Ultimate Driving Machine" after all

    Oops. Seems that Al Ries' column in Advertising Age was a little off base when he accused BMW of dropping the famous slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine" in favor of the "Company of Ideas" theme central to the brand's new ad campaign that was devised by its shiny new ad agency, GSD&M.It turns ...

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    BMW drops "Ultimate Driving Machine"

    BMW has used the tagline "Ultimate Driving Machine" for 31 years. During that time its sales in the U.S. have gone from 15,007 units in 1974 the year before the ad slogan began to 266,200 units in 2005. While producing outstanding automobiles during that time may have something to do with the ...

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    Car marketing firms "like ADD ferrets on amphetamines"

    Whether encountered via television, print, radio, Internet or billboards, it's hard to escape automotive advertising. Because they're so omnipresent, most people tend to 'tune out,' so automakers have turned to slogans to and catchphrases to stay in consumer's minds, with the inevitable varying ...

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    BMW named top brand for telematics

    According to the Telematics Research Group (TRG), the crafty engineers at BMW are the most technologically savvy bunch selling cars in North America-- at least as far as telematics go. The upscale Bavarian marque headed the TRG Automotive Technology Index thanks to its range of available ...


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