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    Report: Mitsuoka Orochi marks the end of the ugly with Final Edition

    Think of Mitsu and you're bound to think of Japanese cars, but Mitsubishi isn't the only one. Lesser known is Mitsuoka, a small automaker based in Toyama that mostly rebodies existing Japanese cars to look like old English ones. Its most outlandish creation, though, is surely the low-slung ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Epoch: Whatever this thing is

    This Craigslist abomination is certainly a sign that something very, very evil has gone down in the Appalachian hills of eastern Kentucky. The monstrous mashup is advertised as a "1962 International rat rod?". Note the question mark. It is possibly the most important piece of punctuation in the ...

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    BusinessWeek calls out 50 Ugliest Cars of Past 50 Years... with questionable results

    Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. While some cars seem to be almost universally loved for their gorgeous lines and undeniable sense of style – the Lamborghini Miura and Shelby Daytona Coupe certainly come to mind. Others, such as the new Honda Accord Crosstour and even the ...

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    Sunmotor to release electric car, beat it with ugly stick

    Click above for more images of the Sunmotor EVLovers of good car design: avert your eyes! The Sunmotor Group, an EV hopeful based in Boston, has announced plans to release its first all-electric vehicle before the end of the year. We wish they wouldn't because this sucker is über-ugly. ...


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