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    Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne steps down from UBS bank board

    Sergio Marchionne with fellow board members at a UBS press conference
    Sergio Marchionne is one of the busiest people in the business. Or any business, for that matter. After comprehensively restructuring his empire – what amounts to nearly the entire Italian automobile industry and then ...

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    Porsche takes a $47b loan out to bid for VW

    What's it take to purchase a controlling stake in Volkswagen? Reuters' reports contacted all the major institutions involved in the deal and came up with 35 billion euros, or $46.47 billion US. To give Porsche the required 30.94-percent of shares, the guys and gals in Stuttgart have tapped ABN ...

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    Did you get your bid in? Auction closed for sale of Aston Martin

    Did you get your bid in? Hope you didn't put it off to the last minute and let it slip by. After all, this IS one of the coolest car companies on the planet. Just think of yourself being able to say, "I liked the car so much, I bought the company!" And even better is the knowledge that it might not ...


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