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uaw strike

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    Report: UAW to hold sympathy strike for Hyundai workers in Korea

    The UAW has announced its support for Hyundai workers in South Korea who have been on strike since November 15. The employees are all temporary and contract workers who receive lower pay and fewer benefits compared to their full-time counterparts, and their strike has managed to shut down a ...

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    UAW strikes GM Malibu plant

    Local UAW contract negotiations aren't going well for General Motors, and today they took a turn for the worst as union members at the automaker's Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas walked off the job at 10AM EST. The bulk of GM's hot-selling Chevy Malibu are produced at the Fairfax plant, with a ...

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    American Axle Strike: Two GM factories up, one GM factory down

    The American Axle strike, now in its second month, is causing General Motors more than a few headaches. The parts shortage caused the General to nearly cease production of its highly profitable large trucks and SUVs, and shut down production in Oshawa, Ontario and Fort Wayne, Indiana. As of this ...

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    GM finds short-term solution to American Axle strike

    The five week-old strike at American Axle is finally starting to wear on GM, and the General has decided to move a small but crucial parts contract over to rival supplier Dana to help get its truck plants moving again. The 30,000-unit prop shaft contract for light pickups is considered a small ...

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    UAW strikes again! Targets American Axle after talks end

    In a move that may threaten production at General Motors, the United Auto Workers union went on strike against American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc. earlier today. The UAW work stoppage, the third called by the union within the past six months, centered around wages, benefits, and ...

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    DARN! Forbes was right, UAW strike against Chrysler is over

    UPDATE: Statement from Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda added after jump. One detail LaSorda mentioned was that Chrysler would be establishing an "independent retiree health care trust" like the GM is pumping billions into. The amount Chrysler will contribute is still unknown.Photo ...

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    Forbes reports UAW/Chrysler strike is over, but it's not

    UPDATE: A more fleshed out report from Forbes was published at 4:25 PM EST that still maintains the strike is over. The new report claims a tentative agreement was in UAW president Ron Gettelfinger's hands an hour after the strike started. This report has not been confirmed by other sources. click ...

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    UAW strike against Chrysler begins

    Here we go again. CNN is showing live video of UAW workers walking off the job at Chrysler various plants across the country. Both the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News are also confirming that an agreement has not been reached and the strike has begun. We'll bring you more updates ...

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    More job cuts for Chrysler, white collars beware

    Chrysler's deadline to hammer out a new contract with the UAW expires tomorrow. If common ground cannot be found by tomorrow morning at 11AM EST, the UAW could strike again. As if that weren't heavy enough news for the newly rebranded Chrysler LLC, it's being reported today that more job cuts are ...

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    UAW gives Chrysler Wednesday deadline, strike possible

    As we reported earlier, the UAW is continuing its negotiation talks with Chrysler LLC for a new contract, having chosen the Auburn Hills-based automaker as its next dance partner after reaching a tentative agreement with General Motors on September 26th. The UAW's contract with Chrysler LLC expired ...

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    UAW-GM contract details revealed, local leaders vote unanimously to approve

    UPDATE: According to Automotive News, the deal also stipulates GM agrees to new-vehicle programs at 16 U.S. plants.This morning local UAW leaders that represent plants from around the country unanimously voted to approve the contract offered by General Motors that came at the end of a 40-hour ...

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    Teamsters won't cross UAW picket line to deliver parts and cars

    click above pic to view more images from the UAW strikeDespite reports that the UAW and General Motors are back at the bargaining table this afternoon, and will be indefinitely, the union appears to be preparing for what could be a lengthy strike. It's now being reported that their brothers and ...

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    GM signs $800mil deal to send U.S.-built Buick Enclave to China

    click above image to view high-res gallery of the Buick EnclaveAmidst all the fury surrounding the UAW strike today, General Motors released a statement announcing an $800 million deal with its Chinese joint-venture company to supply the Chinese market with U.S.-built vehicles and components. It's ...

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    Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove responds to strike

    At 1:30PM today, Canadian Auto Workers (the Canadian counterpart to the UAW) president Buzz Hargrove gave a press conference responding to the UAW strike today against General Motors. In Hargrove's mind, a worst case scenario could see anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 Canadian workers unemployed ...

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    Talks with GM broken off, UAW officially on strike

    var digg_url = ''; We had the TV on at 11:00AM EST expecting to see CNN, MSNBC and Fox News providing up to the minute coverage of the UAW's potential strike in the wake of failed contract negotiations with ...

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    UAW to strike at 11 AM today

    Nine days after the contract between GM and the UAW ended, the two have yet to come to an agreement on employee concessions, including a two-tier wage structure and a move that would entrust the UAW to be responsible for retiree health care costs. According to a union source, if nothing is ...


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