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uaw contract

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    Opinion: UAW seems headed for a catastrophic confrontation

    The Future Of The Union Hangs In The Balance

    Autoworkers are damned and determined to win back concessions.
    The noises you might here if you drop in at Solidarity House – the headquarters of the UAW – this week are the sounds of union leaders scrambling to prevent what could be a ...

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    Report: GM plants begin ratifying new UAW deal, 15 so far

    General Motors manufacturing facilities around the country have begun ratifying the tentative labor agreement between the automaker and the United Auto Workers. Both Flint and Lansing were the first plants to vote for the new deal over the weekend, though others are beginning to fall in line, ...

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    Report: UAW boss calls Mulally's salary "morally wrong"

    After the miracle Ford CEO Alan Mulally and his One Ford team pulled off in turning around the company in the face of an industry meltdown, it might seem hard to argue about the amount of money the CEO makes. But that's exactly what United Auto Workers President Bob King did in front of reporters ...

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    Report: AFL-CIO leader calls on Detroit automaker to give back union concessions

    One three-month period of profitability after years losses may be reason to cheer, but it hardly justifies going back to the old ways of doing things, right? Nonetheless, according to The Detroit News, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka this week called on General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to give ...

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    REPORT: Next UAW president to be Ford lead negotiator King

    Ron Gettelfinger, the United Auto Workers' (UAW) president during the recent tumult, is moving on from his post, and has thrown his support behind Bob King. King is currently a vice president in the union and manages the relationship with Ford. While the outlook is positive for King's ...

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    REPORT: Three Ford plants vote down new contract with UAW

    Pattern bargaining is how things tend to be done in Detroit, a strategy which ensures that one automaker doesn't tend to get a plum deal at the expense of the other car builders in town. General Motors and Chrysler negotiated pretty hard with the United Auto Workers as part of the bailouts, and ...

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    Ford's UAW deal nets $2 billion savings

    Ford is arguably the domestic maker in the most trouble, and it appears the UAW has allowed more concessions for Ford than for either of the other two domestic car car makers in its contract negotiations. With combined savings from the end of health care obligations, revised rules on hiring, ...

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    Six UAW locals (so far) reject contract with Chrysler

    And then there were six: the UAW's tentative contract with Chrysler has been turned down by six UAW locals so far. The latest is the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, which follows nay votes by workers in Fenton, MO, Newark, DE, and Twinsburg, OH, among other places. The count so far is ...

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    UAW-GM "white book" contract released on web

    It turns out the 24-page document we showed you last week was not the full UAW-GM contract the two parties negotiated after an historic 40-hour strike, but rather a highlights booklet to make the nuts and bolts of the deal easier for the union's rank and file to digest. The real contract, called ...

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    In case you were interested: The unabridged official UAW-GM contract

    For any of you with more than a passing interest in what actually settled the strike, the full contract between GM and the UAW has been posted. It's 24 pages of minutiae, from relocation allowances to health insurance and, of course, pay. It speaks for itself -- and for the UAW and GM. Some will ...

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    UAW-GM contract details revealed, local leaders vote unanimously to approve

    UPDATE: According to Automotive News, the deal also stipulates GM agrees to new-vehicle programs at 16 U.S. plants.This morning local UAW leaders that represent plants from around the country unanimously voted to approve the contract offered by General Motors that came at the end of a 40-hour ...


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