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    Report: How many limos does the U.S. government actually use?

    Limos are evil or at least the people who ride in them are. That's the takeaway we get after learning that the United States government is getting out of having so many, or at least counting as many, according to The Huffington Post. By 2010, the U.S. government owned 412 limos, according to ...

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    Report: America's cell phone laws, state by state

    Memorial Day weekend is one of the premiere road trip holidays. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 30 million people will hit the road this weekend, averaging 642 miles each. That means, for many, crossing state lines. And nowadays, that's more confusing than ever. Speed ...

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    Report: China officially eclipsed U.S. as world's largest car market in 2009

    What's that Bruce Springsteen song? "Glory Days?" You know where this is going, and if you don't, take a seat. America is no longer the largest auto market in the world. The People's Republic of China is. Mao would be so... proud is not the right word. Here's the specifics. Before we start, ...

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    Volkswagen reconsiders bringing Scirocco to the States

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Volkswagen Scirocco
    Volkswagen has heard our cries and is reconsidering its previous decision not to offer the Scirocco in the States.Back when the low-slung hatch was launched in March, VW was insistent that the Scirocco would never find its way to U.S. ...

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    Artega GT to get lightweight four-cylinder, sales in the U.S. "a must"

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Artega GT
    Production of the Artega GT is set to begin later this month and even though the budget Cayman competitor is limited to 500 units per year at the automaker's current plant, Artega has plans to expand beginning with new variants of the GT.Within ...

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    Volvo to trim 30-percent of U.S. dealers by the end of next year

    Volvo hasn't been doing too hot lately, posting a $1.73 billion loss over the past five years as it flails to find its niche. Sales of almost every Volvo product have declined in 2007, with the S60 falling by 28.1 percent, the XC90 dropping 5.6 percent and the V70 station wagon losing 7.7 percent. ...

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    Audi seriously considering U.S. plant

    Volkswagen has already announced its intentions to build a factory in the U.S., narrowing down the possible sites to Alabama, Michigan and Tennessee. Now, in advance of a shareholder meeting in Germany, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler is reportedly saying that Audi is considering a U.S. plant, as well. The ...

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    Prodrive closing its doors in the U.S.

    Word filtered down this week through the interweb that Prodrive's operations in the U.S. would cease to exist when the 2007 calendar year concludes. Prodrive America has been around for over five years, mainly supplying Subaru enthusiasts with all the necessary gear to flog road courses and plug ...

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    Sources Say: Honda Stream coming to U.S. in 2009

    Winding Road is reporting that the next-generation Honda Stream mini-MPV may be sold in the U.S. Having just been redesigned last year, the next Stream won't arrive until 2009, and even then we doubt it will receive anything more than a refreshening. Nevertheless, Honda appears intent to make some ...

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    Spring 2008: Arrival date for BMW 1-Series

    The upcoming BMW 1-Series Coupe is one of those rare cars over which nearly every Autoblogger is drooling. It returns Bimmer to its roots of building relatively lightweight handlers, as well as lowers the cost of entry for an Ultimate Driving Machine to within the reach of the coupon clipping ...

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    VW may build factory in the U.S.

    One of the problems with being an import car maker at the lower end of the automotive market is an increased sensitivity to currency exchange rate fluctuations. This is particularly problematic if the carmaker doesn't have a government willing to make currency adjustments the way Japan regularly ...

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    $99 registration open for smart fortwo, will start under $12,000

    European model PASSION CABRIO shownWe alerted you to the fact that smart would be taking $99 reservations for its U.S. bound fortwo and the day has come when you can officially get in line for a fee. A registration page has been set up that will take your vital info, including your drivers license ...

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    Fuji Heavy eyes America for future profits

    Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, has missed its sales goal for a five-year plan that ends next month. The end of one five-year plan, however, is the beginning of another. The next five years will see Subaru putting a much larger emphasis on the U.S. market (w00t!). The Japanese ...

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    Honda Civic Type R may come to America in 2010

    During a recent press drive of the Euro-market Civic Type R, Winding Road's European editor Matt Davis appears to have gotten unofficial confirmation that Honda will be offering a Type R variant of the U.S. model Civic in 2010. Speaking with an unnamed assistant chief engineer, Davis learned that ...

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    U.S. automakers still employ way more Americans than imports

    While more and more import brands have opened up producton facilities in the U.S., a study performed by The Level Field Institute, a domestic industry promotion group (that's an important point, right there), found that domestic automakers (which includes General Motors, Ford and the Chrysler ...

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    Volvo to sell C30 in U.S.

    Soon after Volvo unveiled its C30 in Paris, it was announced that the diminutive hatch will find its way stateside. Although its primary market will be Europe, Volvo would like to see a fair number of the 65,000 C30s produced finding a home in American garages.The C30 rides on an identical wheel ...

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    TVR coming to the U.S.?

    According to the chairman and owner of British sports car maker TVR, Nikolai Smolenski, the marque could be returning to the U.S. market, once its Speed Six engine is upgraded to meet more stringent emissions standards.Announcing an agreement with powertrain engineering specialists Ricardo plc, ...

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    MG TF Coupe will be built in Ooooooklahoma

    It's where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain. It's where the corn is as high as an elephant's eye. And now it's where the first Chinese owned auto factory will be opened in the United States. Ooooooklahoma!Today Nanjing Automobile Group will announce that the company will build the MG TF Coupe ...

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    Ferrari F430 may be banned in U.S.

    It is being reported that sales of the Ferrari F430 may be banned in the U.S. by late 2006 due to the supercar’s airbags being unable to protect a small number of female occupants and children who are buckled into the car’s passenger seat. Ferrari has filed a petition with the NHTSA to ...


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