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AddAOL Autos Road Trip: Four Thousand Miles In A Nissan Pathfinder

Things to consider before beginning your cross-country journey

‚ÄčThere's something about a road trip that invariably gets me excited. Maybe it's the cultural remains of Manifest Destiny or my own sense of adventure, but each year I, like millions of other Americans, pack my vehicle to the brim with enough supplies to survive a mild nuclear winter and head off across the continent.

494The Truth Squad: Arguing The Auto Rescue Between The Campaigns

Here are the facts on the auto bailout

For a discussion centered on foreign policy, President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney spent a lot of time discussing the condition of the U.S. auto industry during Monday night's presidential debate.

297Utah To Make 80 MPH Speed Limit Permanent In Some Areas

A study found that the freeways actually became safer with the faster speed limit

The Utah Department of Transportation released a study that showed increasing the speed limit on some parts of freeways from 75 mph to 80 mph may actually be a good thing, according to to Fox 13 Now.

4511-Year-Old Grabs Wheel After Bus Driver Suffers Heart Attack

Quick thinking likely saved several lives

An 11-year-old boy's quick thinking and heroic actions likely saved lives when a bus driver collapsed from a heart attack.

95Video: Man Is Lucky To Be Alive After This Motorcycle Crash

Bike erupts into flames after violent collision

Cameras captured a Colombian motorcyclist whose bike burst into flames after smashing into a pole on the side of the road. Remarkably, the man appeared to be uninjured after the ordeal.

117How many limos does the U.S. government actually use?

Limos are evil or at least the people who ride in them are.

AddRecall Expanded: Jeep Adds More Liberty Models To Its List

Road salt can cause excessive corrosion and break suspension parts on suspected 360,000 vehicles

Chrysler Group LLC's Jeep brand has expanded its Liberty recall to nearly 350,000 units, the company announced Monday.

AddEx-Sierra Club chair: U.S. EV makers should adopt cell-phone sales model

Makers of electric vehicles geared towards U.S. consumers would be wise to adopt a sales model similar to that of mobile phones, in which drivers would pay a set fee for unlimited electric charging, ex-Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope wrote in an editorial for EV World.

35America's cell phone laws, state by state

Memorial Day weekend is one of the premiere road trip holidays. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 30 million people will hit the road this weekend, averaging 642 miles each. That means, for many, crossing state lines. And nowadays, that's more confusing than ever. Speed limits may vary, but at least those are posted. Cell phone laws, however, are much more confusing.

AddU.S. plug-in vehicle sales will jump fivefold this year to 100,000 units, report says *UDPATE

U.S. plug-in vehicle sales could increase more than fivefold this year to 100,000 units, website CleanFleetReport.com said, citing technology research firm Gartner's calculation of what various auto manufacturers plan or expect for 2012.

Add2011 U.S. demand for gasoline below 2010 level for 29th consecutive week

U.S. gasoline consumption declined 2.5 percent last week, compared to the same time frame in 2010, with motorist buying only (?) 8.79 million barrels a day during the week ending October 7, according to data collected by MasterCard. That's down from 9.01 million barrels a day back in October of 2010 and a bit below the 8.82-million-barrel mark set in late September.

AddU.S. ethanol output dips to lowest level in 2011

Blame it on a harvesting delay, but the fact still remains that U.S. ethanol output slipped by 3.4 percent – to 841,000 barrels a day – in late September, the lowest per-day output in 2011.

AddU.S. to beat Brazil as world's leading ethanol exporter

Lagging U.S. sales of E85, lax trade restrictions and Brazil's worst sugarcane harvest of the last decade will allow the United States to overtake the South American nation as the world's leading ethanol exporter during the second half of 2011, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced last week. Okay, officially, the EIA said it was "likely" to happen, but when you put all the pieces together, we think "likely" = "will."

AddFord identifies "25 Most Electric Vehicle-Ready Cities"

Based on extensive research, Ford has identified what it thinks are the "25 Most Electric Vehicle-Ready Cities" in the U.S. The automaker evaluated cities across the nation using these measures:

48Report: China officially eclipsed U.S. as world's largest car market in 2009

What's that Bruce Springsteen song? "Glory Days?" You know where this is going, and if you don't, take a seat. America is no longer the largest auto market in the world. The People's Republic of China is. Mao would be so... proud is not the right word.

39Volkswagen reconsiders bringing Scirocco to the States

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Volkswagen Scirocco

12Artega GT to get lightweight four-cylinder, sales in the U.S. "a must"

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Artega GT

16Volvo to trim 30-percent of U.S. dealers by the end of next year

Volvo hasn't been doing too hot lately, posting a $1.73 billion loss over the past five years as it flails to find its niche. Sales of almost every Volvo product have declined in 2007, with the S60 falling by 28.1 percent, the XC90 dropping 5.6 percent and the V70 station wagon losing 7.7 percent. For June of 2008, Volvo only moved 7,001 vehicles, down 14.2 percent compared to last year. Something has to be done on the retail side, and according to Automotive News, dealers are on their way out.

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