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85May 2012: Too Good To Be True Edition

Toyota and Honda Outperform Against Backdrop of Earthquake-Related Shortages

99November 2011: Black Friday Edition

U.S. auto sales during the month November were up on the backs of companies like Chrysler, Volkswagen and Kia, all three of which reported major gains for their respective brands. The Chrysler Group in particular posted positive numbers for all four of its brands, including a spectacular 92.23-percent rise in sales for the Chrysler brand itself. Volkswagen and Kia didn't perform quite as well, but each managed gains of around 40 percent.

21Toyota may miss sales goal this year

Toyota's bet that it could sell more vehicles in 2008 than in 2007 may not have been a wise one. Though Toyota's hybrid models and small cars are selling very well in the U.S., sales of pickups and SUVs have truly tanked, and Toyota had been counting on those sales just as much as its competitors. Of course, the giant automaker from Japan couldn't have known that far in advance just how high gasoline prices would go or the impact that it would have on auto sales and the economy in the United Sta

12U.S. auto sales will fall in 2006

General Motors' market guru, Paul Ballew, predicted Tuesday that total U.S. auto sales will decline in 2006, weighed down by higher interest rates and rising gas prices.

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