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    2009 Jaguar XF will start at 33,900

    click image above for high-res galleryDespite unveiling the 2009 XF just yesterday, Jaguar has announced that it's new saloon will start at £33,900 in the U.K. For those who think conversions can be helpful, that's $68,267 USD. That kind of poundage will get the Brits their choice of either ...

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    Mitsubishi i confirmed for sale in the UK

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery of the Mitsubishi iBeginning on July 1st, Brits will be able to purchase the iconic i kei car from Mitsubishi. The i is a big hit in Japan, having won numerous awards for its futuristic styling and clever engineering while racking up big sales in ...

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    Bugger! Bollards in U.K. attack impatient motorists

    We're betting only a few densely trafficked urban areas of the U.S. employ the use of motorized bollards, which are posts that lower and rise to allow permitted vehicles down a particular path. Apparently they're all the rage in the U.K. where many city centers focus on pedestrians more than the ...

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    TVR calls it quits in UK

    Despite having raised the hopes of workers and proud TVR enthusiasts in the UK, Russian owner Nikolai Smolensky has announced that he will be moving production of the niche sportscars out of the UK to another undisclosed European country. The move will result in 250 workers being laid off at the ...

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    Brits won't be getting version of Opel GT

    The Vauxhaull brand is Britain's own little version of Opel, the General Motors brand sold throughout the rest of Europe. While it may seem cool the Brits don't have to buy the same Opels as the rest of the old country, there are drawbacks. One big one is the announcement recently that Vauxhaull ...

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    Intelligent Speed Adaptation slams the brakes on speeding

    The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) system uses a GPS and mapping system to determine where a vehicle is located and at what speed it's travelling. ISA, which was developed by the Motor Industry Research Association and backed with funds from the U.K. Department for Transport (DfT), was ...

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    Mitsubishi provides Mitch-mobiles to UK

    The United Kingdom has tapped Mitsubishi to replace the country's aging fleet of sand skipping Mitch-mobiles (so named by us after this vehicle type's supporting role on the international hit show BayWatch) that serve and protect hapless Brits at the beach. The fleet will be comprised of L200 4Work ...

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    Rover collapse cost UK nearly 1 billion

    The collapse of MG Rover was an expensive affair for the British government and its people. A report published by the country's Public Accounts Committee says that the decline of MG Rover between 2000 and 2004 cost tax payers around £270 million. A £500 million pension deficit will also ...

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    $150,000 parking space for sale in Britain

    We can all stop complaining about our mortgage payments, because at least they're paying for a roof and somewhere to plug in the TiVo. This parking space in Knightsbridge, U.K. only offers its owners a "very hard layer to park your car" for £80,000 or over $147,000 US. We hear Seinfeld and ...

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    Toyota Aygo averages 90 mpg in GreenFleet Fuel Challenge

    The Toyota Aygo, a diminutive hatchback that has charmed even the power junkies that host Top Gear, achieved 90.17 mpg during the first GreenFleet Fuel Challenge in the U.K. The competition pitted 20 vehicles in various categories against each other to demonstrate the potential environmental and ...

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    GPS: When common sense flees

    Sibling site Engadget reports what may be a trend among GPS-using drivers at least in the U.K. According to The Times, drivers going through the village of Luckington have driven right into the river by following their navigation systems. This is despite all the warning signs that the bridge has ...

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    UK MINI Challenge Series coming to U.S. via MavTV

    For fans of the North American MINI Cooper Championship, get ready for the original to arrive in the states via the telle. Auto Racing Daily reports that the 2005 and 2006 U.K.-based MINI Challenge Series will be shown on boob tubes across this continent sometime later in the year. The series will ...

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    Japanese automakers to dominate Britain in wake of Rover's demise?

    The Japan Times reports that automakers Toyota, Nissan and Honda will most likely manufacture over fifty percent of the U.K.'s vehicles starting this year. This, following the collapse of British-owned MG Rover back in 2005.Nissan Motor Co., the first Japanese automaker to enter Britain back in ...

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    UK green cab service expands Prius coverage

    UK Minicab firm greentomotacars has started a pilot program to expand into the West London area with its Prius fleet. The service, which currently uses five of the well-known hybrids, plans to increase its numbers to fifty when they extend service across all of London by the end of June. Even ...


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