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    U-Turn: What you missed on 7.18.14

    Toyota warns self-driving cars could increase fuel use Autonomous vehicles have become a popular industry goal with automakers and lawmakers alike, in part because of their anticipated fuel savings and presumptive benefit to society thanks to their potential to save both lives and hours. Now, a ...

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    Video: Wrong Way sign merely a suggestion in China

    Chinese Taxi Driver prefers alternate route – Click above to watch video after the jump
    If you miss an exit on the highway, the best thing to do is simply wait for the next one and double back. You will eventually get where you are going and the only down side is a few wasted minutes. In ...

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    VIDEO: How to do a U-Turn, Dubai style

    Click above to view video after the jumpJust in time for the Olympics, we have this entrant from Dubai who apparently didn't make the team for the U-turn competition was left at home to practice his talent in the streets. In diving across four lanes of traffic from a dedicated right turn lane, he ...


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