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    Report: Thieves target NYC U-Haul lots, steal 100s of catalytic converters worth nearly $400k

    Type "stolen U-Haul catalytic converter" into a search engine and you'll get scads of results on the issue sourced from local papers all over the country. Conduct that same search on vehicles in general and the results will be numbingly numerous, trucks and vans the victims in almost all of them ...

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    U-Haul SuperGraphics spotters guide

    Moving is invariably an insufferable experience. Packing all of your worldly belongings into flimsy cardboard boxes, loading them up into a truck with the help of everyone who you could con into coming by, ferrying the possessions across town, across the state or around the country, and then ...

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    Report: Why U-Haul won't rent you a trailer for your Ford Explorer

    If you are a Ford Explorer owner who may need to infrequently tow small loads, here's a Public Service Announcement that may be of interest. Apparently, U-Haul, which we'd guess is the first name that pops in people's minds when the subject of a rental trailer comes up, will not loan trailers ...

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    U-Haul tracking data suggests more families migrating to Kentucky, Vermont than other states

    If you're moving out of state, one of the most popular ways to get your stuff to your new home is a U-Haul truck or trailer. This gives the rental company a unique perspective on where people are migrating to, and the company shares this information with the rest of us with its annual U-Haul ...

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    Thieves steal gas from U-Haul, refill with water

    We've seen our fair share of gasoline thefts as of late, and it seems that more are to be expected as the price for a gallon of gas continues its upwards trajectory. The latest scam affects moving companies such as U-Haul, which is now reporting that some renters of its trucks are using up the fuel ...

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    Ford paints the town green with fleet of U-Hauls

    Cheaper and better for the environment, Ford's newest paint process technology is said to reduce greenhouse gases by up to 15 percent while also cutting costs. To help show off this new process and test the paint application's durability, Ford has teamed up with U-Haul to produce 200 Ford E-Series ...


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