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    Video: Watch Typhoon Jelawat flip a car, toss a dumpster in Japan

    Typhoon Jelwat made landfall in Okinawa, Japan over the weekend causing plenty of damage in its wake, and these two videos below show just how powerful a weakening tropical storm can be. According to The Weather Channel, when the storm hit Okinawa, it had sustained winds of 83 miles per hour and ...

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    Report: Thailand flooding halts Honda and Toyota auto production

    Japanese automakers are having a rough year coping with Mother Nature. First it was earthquakes in Japan, and now flooding in Thailand. Since late July, typhoons in Southeast Asia have caused billions of dollars of damage, and now production at three Toyota plants and one Honda facility has been ...

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    Report: Japanese automakers close plants as Typhoon Roke bears down

    As if the country of Japan has had enough to deal with over the last several months, the country is now facing a powerful typhoon with winds reaching up to 130 miles per hour. Tokyo Electric Power reports that 575,500 households are without power already, and that number could certainly ...

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    Aussie Love: FPV unleashes F6 R-Spec Typhoon

    Click image for gallerySince the next-generation Ford Falcon and its FPV counterparts have garnered much attention of late, it's easy to forget that the current Aussie BF Falcon is very much alive and well. And as if to remind us of that, FPV has come forth with its latest creation, the F6 R-Spec ...

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    TVR Typhoon takes shape

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and although it promises to be a real screamer, TVR's seductress is anything but fat. We were pleased to bring you earlier information on the upcoming Typhoon, and now more details and computer-generated preview images have surfaced. Once it hits production, ...

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    eBay Find of the Day II: Bone stock 1992 GMC Typhoon

    Produced for only two years, 1992-1993, the GMC Typhoon is still a relative unknown to those outside of the high performance community, but if you own or have ever raced one of the 4,697 unleashed on the street, you will remember what to watch out for. This example found on eBay looks like one of ...

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    Brisbane Motor Show: Aussie muscle

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of Ford and GM Holden muscle cars.At the Brisbane Motor Show, which started on Friday, Ford and GM Holden had plenty of muscle on display at their booths courtesy of their tuning groups, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and Holden Special Vehicles ...

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    TVR production continues, we hope

    Apparently, there are still a few souls stirring at the TVR plant in Blackpool and word is that they'll be producing 60 limited edition Sagaris' in the next six to eight months.The T440R based coupe will benefit from the addition of a supercharger to its 400 hp, 4-liter, straight six and will be ...


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