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    Report: Honda Civic Type R to get 2.0L turbo with up to 300 horsepower

    Not that we're expecting to see the car over here anyway, but we hear that the impending return of the Honda Civic Type R could bring with it a more powerful engine crammed under its short hood. Honda CEO Takanobu Ito has already confirmed the Civic Type R would return in 2015, and now Auto ...

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    Official: Honda CEO confirms return of Civic Type R, announces new Fit-based CUV and super sports bike

    With a goal of earning 39 million global customers across its power equipment, automobile and motorcycle line of products by 2017, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito announced a handful of exciting new models for the latter two that range from high performance to fuel efficient. While the U.S. news was ...

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    How to make the Honda Accord Crosstour even more disturbing

    The 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour is arguably one of the ugliest beasts to beat up the streets in a long time. From its too-high stance to its odd, bulbous profile and protruding grille, the look is wrong on many levels. For one Massachusetts driver, though, Honda's own design wasn't quite ...

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    Mugen promises "Type R-like" performance from hotted-up Honda CR-Z

    Not to be a total buzzkill, but before we tell you about Mugen and its plans to create a hotter Honda CR-Z hatchback, there's one little line in the automaker's press release that needs to be noted in italicized type: At this stage, the CR-Z Mugen is being developed purely as a one-off ...

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    Report: Honda CR-Z was almost killed twice, U.S. dealers didn't want it

    2011 Honda CR-Z – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Norio Tomobe, chief engineer of the Honda CR-Z, said "The CR-Z is supposed to be an intelligent sports car." We can spend a fair bit of time debating the 'intelligence' of a sports coupe that gets from 0-to-60 in 9.7 seconds and has ...

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    Rumormill: Honda CR-Z Type-R in the works

    2011 Honda CR-Z – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The rumormongers at AutoExpress are at it again, donning their speculative fedoras and suggesting that a 200-horsepower Honda CR-Z Type-R is on the way. But if you were hoping for a K20 swap to ditch the hybrid setup, you're in for a ...

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    Honda UK releases Civic Type-R Mugen 200 to celebrate return to BTCC

    Honda Civic Type-R Mugen – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Mugen's UK-based tuning arm turned up the wick on the Euro Civic Type-R late last year, the result was a 220-hp, stripped out hatch that was only available to 20 lucky consumers. Riding on the critical success of that ...

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    Rumormill: Mugen planning two-seat RR-based Civic Type-R hatchback?

    Mugen Honda Civic Type-RR (JDM) - Click above for image gallery
    Honda's space-egg Civic Type-R hasn't exactly managed to build the same sort of enthusiast following as its predecessor, but that hasn't stopped U.S. motorheads from fawning over its edgy three-door shape, or from carping about ...

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    Rumormill: Honda CR-Z Type-R coming to Tokyo Motor Show

    Click above for an un-photoshopped gallery of the Honda CR-Z Concept
    At the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda took the wraps off the CR-Z concept, a three-door hybrid that Honda billed as a performance vehicle for the environmentally conscious enthusiast. In the meantime, Honda has confirmed that the ...

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    Our friends abroad won't be getting a Honda Accord Type-R

    Click image for a gallery of the new Euro Accord With the all-new European Honda Accord set to debut next month in Geneva, word is that buyers will be disappointed to hear there are apparently no plans to launch a high-performance Type-R version of the new chassis. Honda does not feel the all-new ...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon '08: Honda Sports Modulo Civic Type-R

    UPDATE: New images added to the above for more high-res images of the Honda Sports Modulo Civic Type-RHonda is bringing a trifecta of tricked-out, Modulo-fettled concepts to the Tokyo Auto Salon, and this Civic Type-R takes the track-ready nature of the base model to the next ...

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    VIDEO: Honda goes mental with Hondamentalism

    Every automaker has its own subset of dedicated enthusiasts, with varying levels of obsessive behavior. Honda is no different. Take away the misinformed ricers, and Honda's racing heritage stands alone in a sea of commuter-infused mediocrity.In order to recognize the Big H's engineering prowess and ...

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    New Civic Type-R not living up to its moniker?

    The buff books across the pond have gotten their hands on the new Civic Type-R and for the first time, we're not particularly disappointed that we won't be getting Honda's hottest hatch.Although both reviews we've read (links are at the bottom of the post) say that the new vehicle has made marginal ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Honda readying S2000 Type-R?

    It's well known that the S2000 is nearing the end of its life cycle. The high revving drop top has provided enthusiasts of all stripes a perfect platform for track duty and the daily slog, but something has always been missing: a Type-R variant.The Temple of VTEC had a copy of Best Car magazine ...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon: Mugen-massaged Fit Spec.D

    Back in 2004, Mugen rolled out their Fit Dynamite concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, complete with a K20A swapped out of the JDM Integra Type-R.This year, the tuners at Mugen decided to keep the exterior styling of the Dynamite concept, but fit it with a more manageable and, ultimately more ...

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    Civic Type-R ready for gravel assault

    JAS Motorsport is in the process of working over its Honda-sanctioned Civic Type-R for lucky, privateer rally teams. Details on the Group-A machine are scarce, but the company insists that the modifications made to the Civic will meet the FIA's standards through 2007.JAS gives its customers the ...

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    Honda Civic Type-R sedan pacing Japanese F1 GP

    Click to enlargeUPDATE: Press release, hi-res photo gallery addedThe 'R' in Type-R stands for 'racing,' so the deciders for Formula 1 thought it best to name the Civic Type-R Prototype as the official vehicle for this week's Japan Grand Prix. The four-door prototype has been given the go ahead for ...

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    VIDEO: Honda Civic Type-R in Paris

    We're going to spare you the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth that seems to take place every time a new Type-R is released and the U.S. is left off the shipping invoice. It's safe to say that we're getting used to the disappointment, but when we compare the newly designed Euro-Civic to our ...

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    JDM Speculation: Worthy of seppuku?

    Few publications around the world provide highly-improbable speculation better than the magazines that come out of Japan (AutoBild holds down the fort in Germany). While most of the information is easily dismissed as rumor mongering and baseless conjecture, a few gems often reside in the rough.So ...

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    Honda launches countdown on Red H minisite

    We're not entirely sure what to make of this, but since Honda's red 'H' is normally reserved for vehicles that receive Type-R treatment, we're mildly excited. The launch of the site that will presumably occur midnight EST on Thursday may fall in conjunction with Honda's unveiling of the Civic ...


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