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    Video: Cabbie converts London taxi into Olympic hotel

    We don't know what kind of person would want to be traveling in London right now. With the Olympics in town, the city has become besieged with tourists, athletes and officials. The price of hotel rooms have skyrocketed, and the presence of Olympic-only bus lanes have locked up everyone else, who ...

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    Beijing 2010: Geely's London Taxi-aping Englon TXN

    Englon TXN – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As promised, Geely brought its Englon TXN to this year's Beijing Motor Show. In the flesh, the intended successor to London's black cab throne looks more than capable of hauling drunken tourists from place to place. The car appears to have ...

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    Where to, gov'na? New TX4 London Cabs introduced in Europe

    Flagging down a taxi in many cities can be tricky. In most you're looking for a regular car with a little light on the roof. In New York you're spotting yellow-painted cars. But in London, the cabs aren't just painted different, they're entirely different cars, unmistakable and easily discernable ...


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