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two-tier wages

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    Report: Marchionne: Two-tier wage structure untenable

    Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has said that he hopes to end the automaker's two-tier wage structure in the company's next round of labor talks with the United Auto Workers. According to Automotive News, Marchionne said that the current system creates two classes of workers and that it isn't viable ...

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    Report: UAW workers want end to two-tier wage structure

    Back in 2007-08, U.S. automakers and the United Auto Workers union signed landmark labor contracts that included many concessions on behalf of workers to keep the companies they work for competitive. Among them was an agreement to a two-tier wage structure that allowed automakers to start hiring ...

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    That was easy: UAW and GM agree on lower wages after six months of bargaining

    Just hours after threatening to strike at one or more GM plants, the UAW and the General have agreed on two-tier wages for certain job types. The move to clarify which jobs were "non-core" at the national level came as local UAWs were threatening to strike because they felt GM was asking for too ...

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    UAW having issues with GM's landmark labor contract

    A key part of the labor contract signed between GM and the UAW last year was a second tier of wages for non-crucial, i.e. not involved with building a car, job roles. As higher-paid workers take buyouts and retirement packages over the next few months, the General is allowed replace up to 16,000 ...


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