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two-mode hybrid

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    GM to engineer RWD hybrid powertrain for future Cadillacs?

    General Motors' two-mode hybrid system hasn't exactly been a commercial success. GM has had a hard time finding customers willing to part ways with $10,000 or more for a fully capable SUV with sedan-like city fuel economy, but that reportedly isn't stopping the Detroit, MI-based automaker from ...

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    Detroit 2010: Cadillac XTS Platinum concept is anything but [w/VIDEO]

    Cadillac XTS Platinum concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's just call this one the Cadillac XTS Platinum "Concept." For reals y'all, this is one of, if not the most production ready "concepts" we've ever seen. For its part, Cadillac stuck to the "It's just a concept" ...

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    BMW prices the ActiveHybrid X6 starting at $89,725

    2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    For your hard-earned $89,725, you can have your pick of V8-powered BMW X6s. That substantial pile of dosh will secure you the keys to the Bavarian automaker's monster 555-horsepower X6 M or its new X6 ActiveHybrid. Unlike ...

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    Embattled Oshawa plant to get GM hybrid truck production, will still close in 2009

    GM's Oshawa Truck plant has been slated for closure in 2009, but GM has announced that the embattled plant will still build the Silverado Two-Mode hybrid beginning later this year. The move was well received by the CAW, which hasn't exactly been playing nice with the General since it got word of ...

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    LA 2007 VIDEO: Interview with Two-mode hybrid Silverado PM Carl Hillenbrand

    When the Two-Mode Silverado Hybrid hits the market next fall, it will likely boast best in class fuel economy while still managing to tow 6,100 lbs. While it's not that hard to beat the most miserly of full-size pickups in the MPG dept., doing that without sacrificing very much of the truck's ...

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    AutoblogGreen First Drive: Chevy Tahoe Two-Mode Hybrid

    var digg_url = ''; On any given Sunday morning, if I were offered the keys to either a Saturn Sky or a Chevy Tahoe with a big boat hitched to the back, 110 times out of a hundred I would put down that ...

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    Chrysler announces Aspen Two-Mode hybrid

    Considering that the Aspen is nothing more than a rebadged and gussied up Dodge Durango, it should come as no surprise that today Chrysler has announced a hybrid version of its ute to accompany the Dodge Durango Hybrid on the market in 2008. Both the Durango and the Aspen will feature a Two-Mode ...

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    Expedition to go green?

    Ford Motor Company is mulling ways to move some of its Expedition metal -- which is a good thing considering the 82-day supply the automaker is currently hoarding. The Dearborn-based automaker is taking its big Expedition SUV, which gets 14 mpg in the city, and making a diesel or hybrid ...


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