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    Video: Toyota recall apology blitz includes new mea-culpa TV spot

    Toyota "Commitment" ad - Click above to watch video
    Recalls have left Toyota battered and bruised with a very damaged image that now needs rebuilding. Consumer trust is not easily earned. Toyota knows it, too. The automaker worked for decades to build an image that equated quality and ...

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    9/11 Silverado featured in Olympics commercial

    var so = new FlashObject ("", "Player", "450", "240", "8", "#000000");so.addVariable("skin", "natoneclip");so.addVariable("site", "gm");so.addVariable("fr_story", ...

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    I want my FPV: Super sedans hit the desert in new TV spot

    Click above for photo gallery. Follow the jump for the video.Ford Performance Vehicles' new range of Ford FG Falcon-derived super sedans and utes is mind-bendingly appealing. Big turbocharged or NA power, bright colors, and that menacing Alice Cooper eye makeup in front make for an entire farmer's ...

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    Plane used in Honda skydiving ad crashed next flight

    Mere hours after Honda's impressive skydiving commercial named "Jump" aired live in Europe, the plane used in the spot crashed and claimed the lives of its pilot and a skydiver. Nine other skydivers aboard the plane, a Pilatus PC-6, were fortunately able to escape before the crash. While Honda has ...

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    VIDEO: KITT obviates valet parking

    Something tells me the commercials for the new Knight Rider are going to be better than the show they're pimping, but we can hold out hope, however slim it may be. This week's new TV spot features lead character Mercury Mike Tracer as he drops off KITT in front of a valet parking stand, rendering ...

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    (You)Tube City! Vauxhall Astra TwinTop hits the waves

    Vauxhall's new TV commercial for the Astra TwinTop  takes us  to an exotic, sun-soaked locale where the  hardtop convertible shows a group of assembled surfers a thing or two about catching  waves. In addition to being incredibly clever and fun, the spot is blessedly devoid of ...


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