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    Forgotten Supercar? TVR Speed 12 road car for sale

    Click above to view gallery of the TVR Speed 12 The TVR Speed 12 seems to be the forgotten supercar, although it certainly has the proper credentials to be remembered as one of the best. With a massive 7.7-liter V12 pushing 820 horsepower and a curb weight of just over 2,000 lbs., the Speed 12 ...

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    TVR once again ready to get back on track

    Earlier this year we reported that TVR had been sold to a pair of Floridian businessmen. In actuality, the sale was never consummated, and the company remains in the hands of Russian billionaire Nikolai Smolenski. Although it is still finding its way out of the woods, the company has laid out a ...

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    Be afraid -- and very happy -- TVR is returning.

    TVR is the formerly Blackpool, England-based maker of fearsome coupes and roadsters not seen in this land (outside of movies like Swordfish) since the 1980s-era TVR Tasmin. Now TVR is owned by an Orlando party planner and a guy who imports Japanese domestic-market cars, who recently held a ...

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    Straight from the horse's mouth: Here's the deal at TVR

    It seems that the never-ending story of TVR has been given a new chapter. Russian Nikolai Smolenski, just days after selling the company, has bought it back for an additional £2 million. This time he has additional backing from two Americans. CAR Magazine interviewed all three of them to get ...

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    Enough already! Smolenski sells TVR

    We'll parrot our friends over at Hemmings Auto Blog when they say, "Now it's just getting ridiculous." After Nikolai Smolenski bought back what assets were left of TVR last week, we're now getting word from Autocar that Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu, owners of Evolution Imports, have ...

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    TVR sold again, to Smolenski

    The soap opera that has been the recent history of TVR has taken another turn. The administrators of PKF Partners have announced the sale TVR's asset's to none other Nikolai Smolenski, the previous owner who oversaw the failure of the company in the first place. The sale price hasn't been released, ...

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    Will Al Melling and Nikolai Smolenski start bidding war for TVR?

    You may have noticed our post Wednesday about TVR's owner Nikolai Smolenski losing his trademark rights and certain tooling. Yesterday, it was revealed that the entire company is, in fact, for sale. Expected bidders include Al Melling and possibly even Nikolai Smolenski rebidding.Al Melling ...

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    TVR's trademarks swiped from teenage Russian owner

    The iconic British auto brand TVR will almost certainly not be making any more vehicles in the U.K. Instead, as the Independent reports, future models will most likely be built in Asia. Why? Because, Nikolai Smolensky, known as the "Baby oligarch," split off an administration arm from the company ...

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    TVR Typhoon takes shape

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and although it promises to be a real screamer, TVR's seductress is anything but fat. We were pleased to bring you earlier information on the upcoming Typhoon, and now more details and computer-generated preview images have surfaced. Once it hits production, ...

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    FOR SALE: TVR needs new owner to stay alive

    A brief report on reveals that the British sports car builder TVR has been "placed in adminitstration," which we believe is Brit for something akin to Chapter 11. The report states that administrators PKF (UK) intends to sell the automaker to keep it alive. TVR was purchased by Russian ...

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    Owners of TVRs make noise for carmaker

    More than 400 TVR owners paraded their steeds through London this past Sunday, in an attempt to kill two pheasants with one (very loud) stone. London Thunder was first an attempt to break the world record for the largest convoy of a single car make. And the second goal was to impress upon the ...

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    TVR enthusiasts unite to honor idled Bispham factory workers

    In a demonstration of support and thanks, TVR owners and enthusiasts from across the UK rallied together to show the workers at the TVR assembly plant on Bristol Avenue that their efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. As the workers left the plant, a long line of owners and ...

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    Pissed off TVR owners converge on factory

    Our friends at Hemmings came across an article in Blackpool Today that reports about an angry mob of TVR loyalists that are intent on voicing their opinion about the plant's closure en masse. A TVR club is organizing the convergence and is expecting over 7,000 members to show up in Blackpool on ...

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    TVR taps Bertone in Italy to build lineup?

    A new Autocar item is saying that the next-generation of TVRs will be built by Bertone in Italy, using Ricardo-produced engines. This comes on the heels of reports that the tiny manufacturer was leaving the UK. And that announcement followed the initial declaration that the firm would remain ...

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    TVR calls it quits in UK

    Despite having raised the hopes of workers and proud TVR enthusiasts in the UK, Russian owner Nikolai Smolensky has announced that he will be moving production of the niche sportscars out of the UK to another undisclosed European country. The move will result in 250 workers being laid off at the ...

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    TVR production continues, we hope

    Apparently, there are still a few souls stirring at the TVR plant in Blackpool and word is that they'll be producing 60 limited edition Sagaris' in the next six to eight months.The T440R based coupe will benefit from the addition of a supercharger to its 400 hp, 4-liter, straight six and will be ...

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    Would the sale of Jaguar involve Land Rover, too?

    Auto analysts are taking the hiring of Wall Street investment banker Kenneth Leet by Ford as a signal that the automaker is considering some drastic moves to get back in black. Chief among them is possibly selling off Jaguar, which of the four members of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has shown ...

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    Last TVR Cerbera on the auction block

    TVR has produced one final example of its fine Cerbera 4.5 for a live online auction to see the remarkable sports car off into the annals of automotive history. The final unit is finished in special Pepper White paint with a Prussian Blue leather interior. TVR has set up a website to facilitate the ...

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    TVR coming to the U.S.?

    According to the chairman and owner of British sports car maker TVR, Nikolai Smolenski, the marque could be returning to the U.S. market, once its Speed Six engine is upgraded to meet more stringent emissions standards.Announcing an agreement with powertrain engineering specialists Ricardo plc, ...

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    TVR doing well, rehires laid-off workers

    It appears the on-again, off-again prospect of TVR possibly closing its doors has boosted sales of the British sports car brand. Sales are up so much, in fact, that TVR has rehired the workers it temporarily, then permanently, laid off back in April. TVR says the upsurge in sales occurred when the ...


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