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    27,000 Ford workers have officially left the building

    The Detroit Free Press is reporting today that since Ford began offering buyouts and early retirement offers to its hourly employees last year, about 27,000 have accepted and left the company. Since the offer was made last October to hourly workers at all of Ford's plants in North America, about ...

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    See? A car company can turn around. Just ask Fiat

    When it comes to turnarounds, Fiat serves as a case study. The Italian institution that rules over Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Maserati, trucks, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and automobile components, lost $1 billion in 2000. Contrast that with 2006, when it posted a ...

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    Subaru's 'new course' soon to be outlined

    Back in June of last year, Ikuo Mori took the helm as Fuji Heavy Industries' CEO. His task: end Subaru's five-year long sales slump. Subaru's retail efforts have not lived up the automaker's expectations set in 2002, with a failed attempt at moving the brand up market and the slow sales of its ...

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    Ford's Mulally Fighting the Good Fight against Corporate Culture

    When Bill Ford Jr. stepped down in September, a lot of people were surprised. When he went outside the automotive industry all-together to find his replacement, a lot of insiders were stunned. Now, however, things are starting to make more sense. Word has been leaking out about the depths of ...

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    Chrysler to present restructuring plan in February

    Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda travelled to DaimlerChrysler's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, last Wednesday to present a restructuring plan to the company's management board. The Detroit News reports that the plan will involve job cuts and and the closing of at least two plants in the U.S. The ...

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    So long, friend: Ford producing the last Taurus next week

    It's twisted and a bit pathetic, but I will be shedding a tear next week in honor of the Ford Taurus officially and finally going out of production. It had a 21-year run that in retrospect is the longest fall from grace in history. During that time Ford sold 7 million Tauruses and another 2 million ...

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    Ford to shrink dealer network over three years

    Reuters is reporting that Ford will be shrinking its dealer base over the next three years in order to better align its distribution network with a market share that is smaller than it has been in the past. Dealers were told of the planned reduction at the dealer meeting in Las Vegas last month. ...

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    GM increases warranty to five years/100,000 miles

    Billed as the best warranty of any full-lined automaker (sorry Hyundai/Kia), the new coverage for all General Motors vehicles is now a fully transferable five-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty with no deductible. The new warranty will cover all 2007 model and beyond cars and light-duty trucks ...

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    Bill Ford outlines 3-point plan to employees

    In an effort to assuage the fear of his employees over the current direction of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford sent out a company-wide memo on Friday that details a three-point strategy for ushering the Blue Oval out of hard times. The Detroit News describes the strategy in a nutshell as 1) fixing ...

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    Analyst gives bump to Ford; says GM nearing end of its upward run

    An analyst with Bear Stearns delivered an interesting assessment of the domestic automakers today, stating that Ford's credit rating deserves a boost on the basis of its upcoming expected turnaround performance. The stock's rating was cranked up two notches from "underperform" to "overperform", and ...

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    Ricky speaks! General Motors chief Rick Wagoner talks turnaround on FastLane Blog

    General Motors chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner chose to fill us in on GM's turnaround progress via the company's FastLane Blog, a soapbox usually reserved for one Bob Lutz. GM's chief reiterated some of the statements he made earlier in the week to the business media, spinning away a second quarter ...


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