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    Report: Will Nissan's Cummins deal upset Ram's marketing mojo? [w/poll]

    Ram has used Cummins engines in its heavy duty trucks since 1989, and it is the only pickup truck brand to use products from the Indiana-based engine maker. With the announcement that the next Nissan Titan will also use a Cummins powerplant, and a Nissan spokesman having already said "We will ...

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    Official: Next Nissan Titan will get turbocharged diesel V8 from Cummins

    Toyota might be content to eke out an existence in the fullsize pickup market with its lightly refreshed Tundra, but Nissan looks like it'll be a bit more aggressive with its next-generation Titan. The next Titan will make use of a 5.0-liter, turbodiesel V8 from Cummins, the Japanese company ...

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    Official: Ford 6.7-liter PowerStroke gets 800 lb-ft as of next week, upgrades available

    2011 Ford Super Duty pickup – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has made it official: beginning with next week's production, the 6.7-liter PowerStroke turbo diesel in the 2011 Ford Super Duty pickup will be upgraded to 400 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. That's a bump of ...

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    Rumormill: Volkswagen BlueSport roadster production plans halted

    Volkswagen Bluesport Concept - Click above for a high-res gallery
    In a new (and very brief) report, UK's Channel4 reports that a production version of Volkswagen's comely BlueSport concept has been delayed.While details are slim, Channel4 says that a company insider came clean to journalists ...

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    All Torque, No Action: Audi reportedly cancels R8 TDI

    Audi R8 TDI Le Mans concept – Click above for a hi-res image gallery
    If anyone could have done a diesel supercar, it would have been Audi. After achieving utter domination in Le Mans racing with its R10 TDI, the German automaker unveiled two successive turbodiesel concept versions of the R8 ...

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    REPORT: Next Bentley Arnage to feature Audi turbo-diesel

    Bentley Arnage Final Series – Click above for high-res gallery
    Bentley has long been rumored to be considering the use of diesel engines. The torquey oil-burners would enable Crewe to continue offering the kind of freight-train muscle for which it has become known while living up to the ...

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    For Eur-eyes Only: Volvo releases new five-cylinder diesel in S80

    Click above to view the Volvo D5 engine in all its high-resolution wonder
    By now, Volvo has been almost completely integrated into the Ford empire, but with its parent company looking to offload the Swedish subsidiary, Volvo's going to have to demonstrate its worth as a standalone automaker. ...

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    Production Jeep J8 debuts in Germany

    Click above for a photo gallery of the Jeep J8Unless you're a foreign military, government, or humanitarian organization, you're not getting your hands on the Jeep J8, a vehicle we think a number of Jeepers would be all over in about two seconds if it were to be offered in neighborhood dealerships. ...

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    Mercedes unveils new range of diesel four-cylinders

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the new M-B four-pot diesels.With lots of AMG goodness on the road and in the pipeline, something's got to balance out Mercedes-Benz' carbon footprint. So M-B announced today that it's releasing a new range of four-cylinder diesel mills that balances emissions, ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Cadillac unveils new 2.9L V6 diesel for CTS

    click above image to view high-res angles of GM's new 2.9L turbodiesel V6General Motors has used the occasion of the 2007 Geneva Motor Show to announce a new powertrain for the European market. The 2.9L V6 turbocharged diesel engine will make its production debut in 2009 beneath the bonnet of the ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Audi announces US plans for Q7 3.0L TDI

    Click image for a high-resolution photo galleryWe don't know when the Q7 V12 TDI might go on sale anywhere in the world, but Audi has stated that Americans can expect to see the Q7 with a 233 HP V6 turbodiesel sometime in mid-2008, with "other models" following afterwards. The vehicle will be legal ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Audi unleashes the beastly Q7 V12 TDI

    click above image to view 35 high-resolution imagesAudi refers to its new V12 TDI turbodiesel as "majestic", but somehow, that word fails to adequately describe the company's latest oilburner. Grammy-winning singer Seal was on hand to belt out his hit "Crazy", and that term more accurately ...

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    BMW has a plan for diesels in the U.S.

    Matt Davis, the European Editor over at Winding Road, was able to get the low down on BMW's strategy to offer diesels here in the Land of the Brave.During an event to give U.S. journos a taste of Bimmer's 335d Touring, equipped with a 3-liter bi-turbo diesel, the folks at Winding Road opined the ...

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    Dodge's new diesel debuts at Texas State Fair

    The Texas State Fair was the location of another big truck announcement last week when Dodge announced its new Cummins turbo-diesel engine for the 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500. Enlarged to 6.7 liters from 5.9 through increases in both bore and stroke, the new inline-six turbodiesel now boasts 350 ...

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    Subaru's diesel boxer

    The design of the horizontally-opposed engine has a myriad of benefits. One of the most common is its compact design, which allows the center of gravity to be lower in the host vehicle. Additionally, since the boxer's pistons cancel out much of the vibration, the rotational balance is second to ...

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    JCB Dieselmax speedster clears 200 MPH mark

    JCB's Dieselmax land speed record vehicle has recently passed the 200 MPH mark in testing, which is a major step towards beating the current diesel record of 235 MPH. While each of the vehicle's two 5.0L turbodiesel powerplants were recently certified at 750 HP during dyno testing (neatly matching ...

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    Cummins to supply light-duty diesels to - who?

    Cummins Inc. has inked a deal with an unnamed automaker to supply high-performance light-duty diesel engines to be used in various truck and SUV applications. These engines will be a new foray into the mass market for the diesel engine manufacturer, which is best known for powering big rigs across ...

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    Peugeot developing diesel racecar for 2007 Le Mans classic

    On the eve of the Le Mans debut of Audi's R10 diesel racers, Peugeot has announced its plans to enter the 2007 edition of the world's most famous endurance race with its own diesel-powered sports car, the Peugeot 908.With Audi setting the diesel benchmark with its V10 at 650 hp and 810+ foot-pounds ...

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    Volvo drops a diesel in the C70

    Sales of the new Volvo C70 hardtop convertible have been so brisk that company has already upped its production from 16,000 annual units to 20,000. It will likely become even more popular now that Volvo has introduced its first diesel engine in the Swedish convertible, a 2.4L turbodiesel initially ...

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    Volvo launches new D5 diesel in S40 and V50 models

    Volvo Cars has started European delivery of S40 sedans and V50 estates with its new and more powerful D5 diesel powerplant, aiming at Europe's premium diesel car market.The S40 D5 and V50 D5 debuted at the Bologna Motor Show in December with the new 180 hp five-cylinder turbodiesel, a considerable ...


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