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    Holden Commodore hybrid and turbo'd four under consideration

    Two separate reports out of Australia say that Holden is looking to maximize the Commodore's fuel efficiency in an effort to stoke sales. Both stories quote General Motor's Asia-Pacific vice president, Nick Reilly, but the separate reports, while sharing a common theme, come to decidedly different ...

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    GM Europe launches two new fuel-sipping engines

    General Motors' European division has announced the development of three new engines that will provide the power consumers crave while returning higher fuel economy and lower emissions. Two turbocharged engines, ranging in output from 1.0- to 1.4-liters will between 120 hp and 129 lb.-ft. of ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: John Cooper Works MINI and Clubman

    Click image for more hi-res pics of the John Cooper Works MINIsHitting the bull's-eye for enthusiasts, BMW's MINI brand is launching two hot new models next month at the Geneva Auto Show. Loaded with performance upgrades and new interior appointments, each race-bred model serves as the basis for ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #83

    Autoblog Podcast #83 was judiciously held back until after the embargo cleared, but we can now talk freely. The biggest news this week is the official unveiling of the Corvette ZR-1/Blue Devil. Powered by the new LS9 supercharged small-block, the car's performance is sure to be astounding. After ...

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    Hyundai RWD coupe coming to London motor show in '08

    During an interview with BusinessCar, Hyundai UK's head Tony Whitehorn finally confirmed what's been rumored for going on a year: the automaker's new RWD coupe will replace the Tiburon. The coupe will take about 50- to 60-percent of the styling cues originally debuted on the Veloster concept and is ...

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    Happy 50th Birthday Caterham: X330 Concept

    Click image for galleryNone of us at Autoblog HQ are knocking on the half-century mark yet, but we can only hope that we're saluted in the same way that Caterham decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary.The X330 Concept is exactly that, but it foretells the destiny of future Caterhams. A ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 1-Series Convertible

    BMW fans in the United States have long been clamoring for an opportunity to buy the 1-series, which until recently was thought to be a Europe-only car. Now that we know that a few two-door versions will be available in the U.S. in 2008, we're thrilled to see a convertible undergoing ...

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    Road & Track rumormill: Mazda RX-7 development underway

    When the newest issue of Road & Track arrived in our mailbox, we were impressed that the 60th anniversary issue was sport compactalicious. The cover sports the new Mitsubishi EVO X alongside a photochopped '08 Impreza STI, and the inevitable shootout consists of the Civic Si, MazdaSpeed3, MINI ...

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    eBay Find of the Day II: Bone stock 1992 GMC Typhoon

    Produced for only two years, 1992-1993, the GMC Typhoon is still a relative unknown to those outside of the high performance community, but if you own or have ever raced one of the 4,697 unleashed on the street, you will remember what to watch out for. This example found on eBay looks like one of ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford officially debuts TwinForce TT-V6

    Touted as a means to give V8-like horsepower with V6 fuel economy, the TwinForce V6 at this year's Detroit Auto Show stands as one of Ford's biggest announcements so far. Started with the Duratec 35 as a foundation, the engine's combination of turbocharging and direct injection yields a claimed 415 ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Chevrolet Volt Concept

    click on the image above to view AutoblogGreen's high-resolution gallery var digg_url = ''; GM's much-rumored electric vehicle introduction for the North American International Auto Show has ...

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    Honda may outfit Ridgeline and others with V6 diesel

    In an interview with Automotive News, Honda's CEO, Takeo Fukui said that the automaker's newly developed diesel technology will find its way into their light truck offerings of the future.The vehicles identified by Fukui as being the likely recipients of a V6 diesel are the Ridgeline pickup, Pilot ...

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    BMW 335i dyno numbers - round two

    Last month, Automobile Mag generated some chassis dyno numbers with a turbocharged BMW 335i coupe that were a bit healthier than one would suspect, given the factory's rating of 300 HP at the crankshaft. In a follow-up, they're now stating that the 275 rear-wheel horsepower number that was reported ...

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    More sick power for the street - a twin turbo Ford GT

    Even with Ford's GT making 550 HP (somewhat underrated) courtesy of a supercharger, of course we all know that there will still be owners out there who seek more power. Once the route of pulley swaps has been explored, where to go next? Stage 6 Motorsports thinks that it has the answer in the form ...

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    GM grants first drive of its new diesel V8

    General Motors' recent (and vague) announcement of a new V8 diesel has led to significant speculation, especially with regard to power output and packaging size of the engine. As a preemptive strike against doubters, the company recently allowed Diesel Forecast to take a spin in a Buick Rainer ...

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    13s in the quarter for $1300 - and 30 MPG, too

    Chrysler's "A Platform" hasn't ever received a whole lot of respect from gearheads, but aside from serving as a useful bridge between the K-car and the cab-forward LH, it also spawned the Dodge Spirit R/T. Acceleration came courtesy of the ubiquitous 2.2 L inline four, but topped with a DOHC ...

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    Absolutely sick amounts of power for the street and track

    There are some misguided folks out there who think that big displacement and technology are somehow mutually exclusive. And then there's Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines. His Project F Bomb engine (a twin-turbo 408 cubic inch small-block Chevy that threw down an evil 1480 HP and 1440 lb-ft) ...

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    American collaboration on the Acura RDX

    Autoweek has an enlightening article on the development process that took place during the design and testing of the Acura's RDX CUV. Specifically, how the turbocharged 2.3-liter engine, a first for Acura in the U.S., came to fruition.As the lone American engineer on the team, Gary Evert, explains ...

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    Chevy HHR SS caught spooling up

    Whoa, is that an intercooler we see buried deep in the lower front bumper of this otherwise quotidian HHR? Indeed it is, and Winding Road is guessing it's connected to the Pontiac Solstice GXP's direct-injected turbo-four that makes 260 hp and 260 ft-lbs. of torque. SS also means bigger wheels and ...

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    Spotted! BMW's M3

    Matze328 from the forum spotted the new BMW M3 in just a little bit of camo, making for some of the best pics we've seen yet of the vehicle. If rumors are to be believed, the new model will sport a high-revving V8 engine with at least 400 hp on tap -- two cylinders and a good ...


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