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    Video: This is how a tunnel boring machine will burrow a viaduct under Seattle

    So it's not exactly automotive, but it is a fascinating vehicle – and you'll excuse us if we don't make any puns about how boring it actually is. A portion of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct is being replaced by a deep tunnel, and the machine purpose-built for the job is the world's largest ...

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    Video: Opa! Flaming cheese closes tunnel in Norway after truck fire [w/video]

    Behold, the power of cheese. Flaming fromage has clogged up the Brattlitunnelen in Norway for almost a week. According to Reuters, a truck was hauling brunost, a caramelized Norwegian goat cheese, through the tunnel when the cheese somehow caught fire. Due to its high percentage of fat and sugar, ...

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    Report: Tunnel collapses in Japan, seven missing [UPDATE: w/video]

    The Associated Press reports a tunnel collapse between Tokyo and central Japan has left seven people missing. Rescue workers were unable to reach trapped and injured drivers on Sunday after a vehicle caught fire and filled the tunnel with smoke. Those who escaped reported hearing the voices of ...

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    Report: Road Trip! Russia approves tunnel to Alaska under Bering Strait

    The Russian government has given the go-ahead on an ambitious new tunnel project that could connect Siberia with Alaska via an underground rail line. If completed, the $65 billion project will be the longest underwater tunnel in the world, besting the Chunnel between England and France by twice ...

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    Mexico paving Devil's Backbone, adding 63 tunnels and 32 bridges

    Civil engineers in Mexico are in the midst of an ambitious project to span the infamous Devil's Backbone. Until now, if you wanted to cross the twisted span of the Sierra Madre that separates Durango from the coastal city of Mazaltan, you had to either take an eight-hour detour that ...

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    Video: Remember that Gullwing tunnel trick? Yeah, that was Schumi

    Schumacher surprises yet again – Click above to view the video after the jump
    Mercedes-Benz looked like it was out to change the laws of physics when it released video footage – whether factual or digitally created – of its new SLS AMG supercar driving upside down in a tunnel. ...

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    Try, try again: FIA puts further restrictions on F1, freezes engine development

    The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, the international racing authority that governs Formula One, among other series, has rolled out a series of restrictions on the development of F1 cars starting with the coming 2008 season. The restrictions include a complete freeze on engine development for ...


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