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    BlueTuning: Bluetooth removes the clutter for engine tuners

    Our minds are cluttered enough, so we try to keep the inside of our cars debris free. Unfortunately, that hasn't been possible during the tuning process of our new project car. Between the handheld control module, our cheap, serial-equipped laptop, the yet-to-be-mounted standalone ECU and the wire ...

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    Audi's SUV gets a makeover by PPI

    The Audi Q7 is the embodiment of being fashionably late, having arrived on the scene at the tail end of the SUV bubble looking like a million bucks. No doubt it will still win customers with its combination of expensive looks and performance above and beyond what traditional utes offer. Still, the ...

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    Stare at your own risk: Maaco's Medusa Mustang

    It appears that the theme of this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas will be "Gratuitous Tuning," the time honored art of adding plastic body kits, big wheels, lethal sound systems and origami doors to our favorite cars just for the hell of it. The latest car we've found is the Maaco Medusa Mustang, a ...

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    The Mugen CR-V roadstar adds edge to Honda's SUV

    Some of us have bemoaned the new styling of the Honda CR-V, which is why it's no surprise that the aftermarket has already stepped up to address our concerns. When you think of Honda tuning, you should think of Mugen (if you play Gran Turismo at all), and it's no surprise this Japanese tuning house ...

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    More sick power for the street - a twin turbo Ford GT

    Even with Ford's GT making 550 HP (somewhat underrated) courtesy of a supercharger, of course we all know that there will still be owners out there who seek more power. Once the route of pulley swaps has been explored, where to go next? Stage 6 Motorsports thinks that it has the answer in the form ...

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    20th Anniversary Tuning Kit for BMW E30 M3

    When BMW first introduced the M3 in 1986, it was the answer to the 190E 2.3-16V from Mercedes-Benz. The E30 (BMW's chassis code for the 2nd Generation 3-Series) M3 was a homologation special for Group A Touring Car racing. Over the next twenty years, the M3 would transform from an almost single ...

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    575-HP HPA R32 - the hottest hatch of them all

    HPA Motorsports has applied its turbo prowess to the latest and greatest of VW hot hatches, the Euro-only (for now!) R32. In stock form the R32 produces 250 bhp from its 3.2-liter V6, but after HPA gets done adding its FT575 package, the car produces an astounding 575 horsepower. With that kind of ...

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    2007 Scion tC Spec Package for tuners

    Back in May we revealed that Scion would be pricing its tuner-ready 2007 tC Spec Package at $15,000 with a manual transmission and $15,800 with an automatic. Unfortunately it took Toyota until now to furnish some photos of what the tC Spec Package will look like, but it came through today with a ...


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