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4Will there be anything left? Tulsa Belvedere set to be de-rusted

The SS Belvedere emerged from its not-so-dry-dock almost two months ago, in all its ferrous oxide glory. Apparently the offer of restoration by Boyd Coddington has either been refused or rescinded, but either way, the Mopar is headed to New Jersey for a spa treatment. Safest Rust Remover, a product of the Ultra One Corporation, is going to take a crack at dissolving just the rust, and leaving everything else intact. It makes us wonder, once you dissolve that rust, will there be merely the lacy s

11Winner of buried Belvedere determined, passed away in '79

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24More pics of Tulsa's rusty 1957 Plymouth Belvedere unearthed

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42Tulsa's buried Belvedere revealed! It's a rust bucket

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39Tulsarama time capsule a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

On June 15th, 1957 the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma buried a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere beneath a downtown sidewalk in front of the Tulsa County Courthouse. At the time Tulsa has more cars per capita than any U.S. city besides Los Angeles and a fierce rivalry with Oklahoma city. The time capsule stunt was meant as a way to celebrate the city's love of the automobile and one-up Oklahoma City.

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