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    Spy Shots: Audi TT mule shows little, promises much

    When we last checked in with the little bit of speculation there's been on the coming, third-generation Audi TT, rumors said the TT would move upmarket to make MSRP space below for a mid-engined Audi R4. With the R4's future in question, who knows how the TT will play it, but other scuttlebutt ...

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    Report: Audi to preview next TT at Tokyo Motor Show?

    When the first Audi TT hit the market in 1998, its design was nothing short of revolutionary. The current model (pictured above in RS form), while dynamically superior, has been mainstreamed a bit, going with a more evolutionary approach. But now, rumor has it that Audi is preparing to launch an ...

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    Avus Performance tÜRns Audi TT-RS into 460-hp "Neu-Ur-Quattro"

    Avus Performance Audi TT-RS - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Avus Performance has just whipped the cover off their pumped up Audi TT-RS, a 460 horsepower, matte black self-described "Ur-Quattro" for the new millennium. While it evoking the legendary Quattro Coupe might be a bit of ...

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    Audi gets official with TTS and TT TDI

    Click either image for high-res galleries of Audi's two new TTsAudi has gone ahead and released all it knows about the two newest versions of the TT. The first is the TTS, the most hotted-up version of Audi's sports car brandishing a 2.0L TFSI (turbo, direct-inject) four-cylinder that produces 272 ...

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    Audi TT-S to be official car of the Tourist Trophy races

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Audi TT-S The Isle of Man credits itself as hosting the world's oldest races, the Tourist Trophy (TT). The 32-mile long island, located in the Irish Sea (it's the body of water between the United Kingdom and Ireland), held the first motorcycle and car ...

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    LEAKED! Audi TT-S breaks cover

    click above for 20 more high-res images of the Audi TT-S var digg_url = ''; Spanish website Motorpasion somehow got its hands on 20 official-looking images of the soon-to-be-debuted Audi TT-S that some are guessing ...

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    Quattro Quarterly lays out Audi's five-year plan for world domination

    The Audi Club of North America puts out a publication aptly titled the Quattro Quarterly that gives Audi owners the inside skinny on everything from future products to how to swap bigger brakes into their B5 S4. One of our intrepid readers, Kevin, sent us a few scans of the QQ's latest issue, where ...

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    Detroit Preview: Audi has plans for big showing

    The quad-ring obsessives over at Fourtitude have the inside scoop on what Audi plans to unveil in Detroit this January, and enthusiasts stand to benefit from a duo of performance products in the form of an R8 concept and what's likely to be the production version of the TT-S.Audi's midship ...

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    Spy Shots: Audi TT Roadster and TT-S

    The new shape of the Audi TT is well known by now, but the boys and girls at Ingolstadt have delayed debuting the drop-top version until after the coupe has settled into the marketplace. Winding Road has posted pictures of a TT roadster out on a quiet drive that's been caught by the spy camera's ...


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