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    Report: Another GM plant halted by parts shortage, workers laid off

    General Motors recently announced that it was forced to halt production at its Shreveport, Louisiana assembly facility. Now GM is hitting the brakes on production at its Tonawanda plant in Buffalo, New York as well. The reason for the stoppage? The massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan has ...

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    Report: More quake-related production delays for Toyota, Honda

    Japan's 9.0-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami continue to impact the nation's auto industry, as Automotive News is reporting that Toyota and Honda have again extended factory shutdown timelines. Toyota will apparently idle its 18 domestic plants through March 26, while Honda will keep ...

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    Would you wait to buy a Japanese car? [w/poll]

    It may be some time before consumers in line for a new Japanese car get their hands on their new ride. Besides killing thousands of people, shocking the nation's infrastructure and setting off the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, the Japanese earthquake disaster has halted car production ...

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    Report: Nissan to check radiation levels on cars tabbed for export

    As fears of radiation from Japan's severely compromised Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant seem to be growing by the minute, automakers have tried to assure car buyers that most of their products are produced far enough away from the crippled facility that fallout won't end up on vehicles, ...

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    Video: Watch as Japanese motorist's car is engulfed by the tsunami

    Modern technology means that the world has an almost constant and unlimited amount of coverage of major news stories from all around the planet. That's certainly true of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, especially since Japan is one of the most tech-happy countries in the world. And ...

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    GM plant shut down due to Japanese parts delay

    General Motors has announced that the automaker is stopping production at its Shreveport, Louisiana assembly plant next week due to a parts shortage caused by the ongoing tragedy in Japan. The facility is responsible for building both the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks, though ...

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    MotoGP Japan postponed, Tokyo Motorcyle Show canceled

    As a result of the devastation left behind by the recent earthquake and tsunami activity in Japan, the organizers of MotoGP have moved the Motegi round to October 2. The race was originally scheduled for next month, but widespread damage to the road system between Tokyo and Mito is not expected ...

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    Honda shutters motorcycle production in wake of earthquake, commits to recovery

    Honda has announced that it will temporarily suspend operations at both its Hamamatsu and Kumamato facilities this week. Both plants are responsible for producing the company's stable of motorcycles. The Hamamatsu plant, which builds the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR, has closed its doors today, March ...

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    OnStar offering Crisis Assist services to tsunami victims

    OnStar customers who live in areas affected by the tsunami warnings are getting help from their cars. General Motors has announced that those who live in affected areas can push the OnStar button their vehicle and be connected with a Crisis Advisor, who will help them get through the situation as ...

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    Tsunami in Japan destroys fleet of cars ready for shipping *Updated with video

    It's difficult to comprehend, let alone describe, the massive amount of damage an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and closely following tsunami could incur on a densely packed island nation such as Japan. While we struggle to wrap our minds around such catastrophic levels of destruction, one particular ...

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    Report: Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan close plants in wake of Japanese earthquake

    As you've no doubt heard, a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. In the wake of the seismic event; Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan have shut down and evacuated multiple factories throughout the country. This earthquake is one of the strongest on record in nearly a ...


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