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    Honda test facility duplicates Tsukuba Circuit in Ohio?

    Honda's Transportation Research Center in Ohio
    One of the cool things about Google Maps (and Earth) is that you can get a unique bird's-eye view of a lot of places that are typically locked down to the general public. For car enthusiasts, that means you can look inside automakers proving grounds ...

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    EVO X vs STI - Tsukuba Lap Times

    var digg_url = ''; It didn't take long for Japan's journalists to get the new STI and EVO X side by side, and the results are now officially in. Tsukuba circuit regulars Kazuo Shimizu and Manabu Kawaguchi spent an afternoon thrashing ...

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    GT LIVE crew puts together Subaru Tsukuba Challenge

    The one and only time U.S. shores were blessed with Japan's premier motorsports event, Super GT, the folks over at Paramax were behind the scenes. Since then they've organized a number of events under the GT LIVE banner, as well as creating the XDL U.S. Stunt Riding Championship. Now, they've ...


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