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4497-Year-Old Great-Great Grandma Drives A Big Rig

Vera Abruzzi realizes lifelong dream

A 97-year-old great great grandmother went for the ride of her life on Wednesday when she drove a big rig for the first time.

14Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards

But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks

Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the result's likely to be affirmative. To us, it's the 26 percent who were not in favor of more fuel-efficient trucks that have some explaining to do.

154America Is Running Out Of Truck Drivers

Industry needs to add 100,000 new drivers every year for the next decade

America runs on trucks, but not enough young people are hearing the call of the road and that has trucking companies facing a major labor shortage, according to Business Insider.

10One in seven trucks will be alt-fuel by 2035

More natural gas. Less diesel. That's a quick synopsis of a study by Navigant Research on future fueling trends for trucks.

91Tracy Morgan crash sparks another debate over tired truckers

Days Earlier, Congress Embraced Legislation That Weakens Rules

Days before Morgan's accident, the Senate approved legislation that would undo rules that mandated certain rest periods for truck drivers.

7Ford E-Series chassis cabs and cutaways to survive mass Transit onslaught [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The text below has been amended to include new details provided by Ford.

11Trucker Caused Fatal Crash After 36 Hours On Road

Federal law limits truckers to 11 hour shifts

A truck driver who had been on the road for 36 hours killed an Illinois tollbooth worker and critically injured a state trooper Monday after the truck slammed into three emergency vehicles near Aurora, Ill.

7Feds Punish Trucking Company After Whistleblower Complaint

Driver says company retaliated after a refusal to drive while sick

A truck driver who refused employer's orders to violate safety regulations will receive compensation for lost wages and earn a clean personnel file.

34Watch the slow and careful process of an oversize load truck negotiating a roundabout

Roundabouts are generally a good idea when it comes to easing traffic flow, as they eliminate traffic lights by keeping cars moving more often. They are not, however, great if you're the driver of a semi with a particularly oversize load. Depending on the length of the trailer, in fact, a roundabout may be a wildly difficult obstacle, requiring its own degree of special equipment.

43California truckers not happy with state emission rules

The California dream is becoming a bit more of a nightmare, at least according to some truckers there. With the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandating that older trucks be equipped with a special diesel soot filter in order to reduce pollution, trucking advocates are arguing that the device is not only cost-prohibitive but dangerous as well, says Forbes.

63How to unload a truckload of bamboo poles

Have you ever wondered why home improvement delivery trucks have that little forklift piggybacking on the back of the trailer? To make unloading all the heavy supplies easier, of course. But what happens if you're trying to unload a massive amount of bamboo quickly and without a forklift? For this driver, the answer is to get creative.

52US truck fleets turning towards CNG, LPG

Fleets can save well over $150,000 in fuel costs over the six-year life of a truck.

602014 Ford Transit unveiled in Chassis Cab and Cutaway versions

As a leader in commercial vehicles here in the US, we knew Ford wouldn't take too long to show off the chassis cab and cutaway versions of its 2014 Ford Transit van. Set to go on sale this fall, Ford already revealed the full-body version of the Transit, and now it has pulled the cover off exposed-frame models just in time to to compete against the all-new Ram Promaster.

AddTrucking association files appeal in federal court on CARB regulation

The California Construction Trucking Association has filed a notice of appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It's the latest in a two-year legal battle against the California Air Resource Board's heavy-duty, on-road truck and bus regulations. The CARB diesel engine regulation will force the replacement of most diesel-powered commercial motor vehicles that don't meet 2010 US Environmental Protection Agency standards in order to operate in the state.

86Blue Oval's new Cargo cab-over rig is largest "One Ford" initiative yet

The imposing commercial truck above has a feature that might be surprising to most Autoblog readers – a Blue Oval emblem on the front. Here in North America, Ford simply doesn't play in the eighteen-wheeler sandbox, but that doesn't mean that the Dearborn-based automaker is absent in the heavy hauling space in other parts of the globe. In fact, Ford presently fields two completely different big rig ranges under the Cargo moniker – one a product of an Eastern Europe/Turkey joint ventu

149Trucker Jailed After Wrong Turn Took Him Into Mexico

'Honest mistake' turned into seven-month ordeal

A trucker from Texas made a wrong turn in April. It took him seven months to get home.

253Infographic: Breaking down the costs of trucking

If you've ever had visions of telling your boss exactly where he can put his TPS reports and heading off to reenact your favorite scenes from classic trucking movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy or Over the Top, we have bad news for you: Trucking is prohibitively expensive.

80Freightliner's awesome new Revolution Innovation is a future rig done right [w/video]

Freightliner is stealing the spotlight at this week's Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky with a new truck concept. The Revolution Innovation is aimed squarely at reimagining the face commercial trucking. With innovations like a more aerodynamic body, cold-rolled aluminum frame that's 200 pounds lighter than its steel equivalent, low-slung engine placement and an intelligent rear axle that can automatically switch between four and six-wheel drive as needed, the concept is more fuel efficient w

14Vehicle hauler shortage to threaten new car sales?

New car sales have endured all manner of impediments since The Great Recession began in 2008, and for various reasons including everything from restricted lending by banks to strikes and Acts of God. Next up among the bugbears could be a shortage of car haulers, which were pulled from active duty when there simply weren't cars to haul.

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